Cozy Café Date in Yerevan

Discover the intimate atmosphere of Yerevan's charming cafés. This date idea involves visiting a cozy, affordable café, tasting local pastries and sweets, and indulging in deep, meaningful conversations.

Yerevan Wine Tasting and Local Cheese Platter

Discover the wide variety of Armenian wines while indulging in a local cheese platter in one of Yerevan's cozy wine bars. Wine lovers can explore local flavors, learn about Armenian wine-making traditions and meet fellow wine enthusiasts. Pair the wines with a platter of local cheese for a true taste of Armenia.

Mystery Bookstore Scavenger Hunt

This is a unique and budget-friendly date idea where the couple embarks on a scavenger hunt at a mystery bookstore. The couple will have to solve riddles, find hidden messages and reveal the mystery using the book clues.

Night of Surprises

Experience the beauty and allure of Yerevan, Armenia in a unique way as you indulge in an evening of unpredictable fun and surprises with your partner.

Charming Street Art Tour

Discover the artistic side of Yerevan through its vibrant street art. This date is perfect for those who appreciate creativity and want to experience something unique and riveting.

Extraordinary Adventure Tour in Yerevan

Spend a whole day amidst the majestic landscapes, outdoor adventures, and cultural significance of Yerevan. Start your day with a guided mountaineering adventure and end it with a romantic visit to the historical landmarks of Yerevan.

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