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  • Aiming to leave a memorable impact
  • Rainy day outside
  • On a long car journey

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Bosphorus Run and Brunch

Combine fitness and cultural exploration on this energetic and tasteful date, perfect for a winter's morning. The 7km route covers some of the most scenic views Istanbul has to offer, ending with a delectable Turkish spread that will excite your taste buds.

The Art Heist Date

Sneak through an art challenge, then retire to a luxurious boutique hotel for a sophisticated dinner. Culminating in a private rooftop stargazing session, this date combines thrill and romance

Istanbul Midnight Stroll

Experience the ancient and modern blend of the Turkish capital as the city's majestic aura glistens in the night. Enjoy a warm beverage, the cool breeze and each other's company. Forget about the bustling city life as we take you on a midnight journey through beautiful Istanbul.