A Guide to Consensual Play

  • Open Communication: Always discuss each suggestion from our Foreplay Wheel with your partner. Make sure both of you are excited and comfortable with the idea before proceeding.
  • Continuous Consent: Keep checking in with your partner and be attentive to their body language. Consent is ongoing and can change at any time.
  • Respectful Requests: Even if you've tried an act before, always ask your partner's permission every time the wheel lands on it. Remember, consent is key in every interaction.
  • Enthusiastic Participation: If your partner is less than 100% enthusiastic about a suggestion, offer them an easy and comfortable way out without any pressure.
  • Listening Is Loving: Always keep the lines of communication open. Listen to each other's feelings, preferences, and boundaries.
  • Reflect Together: After your experience, take some time to talk about it. Discuss what you both liked, disliked, and whether there are things you tried but wouldn't want to repeat. This reflection is a great way to strengthen your bond and understanding of each other.
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