Berlin Art Stroll

A romantic date idea suited for art lovers. Start by visiting one of Berlin's beautiful art museums or galleries, then enjoy a slow stroll through the city, while capturing moments and appreciating the vibrant street art scene. End the day with a cozy intimate dinner in a local restaurant serving authentic German cuisine.

Stroll and Coffee Date in Berlin

Berlin, the heart of Germany, offers a date combined with art, history, culture, and love. Imagine walking hand-in-hand, embracing the beautiful city and its lively streets, embracing each other's presence, and then relaxing at a local cafe enjoying each other's company over a warm cup of coffee.

Berliner Kulturabend

This date idea is all about immersing in the rich history, architecture, and high culture of Berlin. Starting with a visit to one of the many galleries in Berlin, then moving on to the Berlin Philharmonic for a world-class concert, and wrapping up the night with an elegant dinner while discussing the experiences over German wine.

Art and Inspiration Tour

Immerse yourself in a day filled with art, history, and intellectual debate in the heart of Berlin. This tour is perfect for intellectual couples who appreciate art and deep conversations about it, as well as the rich history that made Berlin what it is today.

Pizza Tour in Berlin

Embark on a pizza tour across Berlin sampling the very best pizzas the city has to offer. From traditional Italian to experimental flavor combinations, this experience is a delectable blend of gastronomy and romance.

Berlin Skinny Dipping Adventure

Skinny dipping in Berlin’s picturesque and secluded lakes offers a blend of adventure and romance. Experience the thrill of disrobing in the great outdoors and feeling the cool water against your skin. Share this intimate, exciting experience with your partner and create unforgettable memories.

Berlin Farmer's Market Foodie Date

Spend the day leisurely strolling through a lively, local farmer's market in the heart of Berlin. You and your partner can spend time together while exploring various fresh food stalls, getting a chance to try authentic German cheeses, freshly baked bread, organic fruits and vegetables, and regional specialties. Enjoy conversations around food, as well as learning about the city's vibrant local food scene.

Romantic Art Workshop Date in Berlin

Bond with your partner in an intimate, relaxed setting at a private art workshop in Berlin. This date is the perfect mix of fun, mischief and romance as you both explore your creative sides. Guided by a professional artist, you'll have the opportunity to create a meaningful piece of art together that you can take home as a memento of your special day.

IKEA Adventure Date

Turn your shopping experience into a fun and adventurous date with the IKEA Adventure Date. Unleash your playful side as you navigate through the showrooms, challenge each other with mini games, and get lost in the maze of home decor, furniture and Swedish food.

Berlin Boudoir Evening

Spice up your evening with a romantic date in your home in Berlin, immersing in an intimate boudoir experience. Plan not just for a date but for a meaningful journey, indulging in each other's company, exploring sensual communication and creating lasting memories.

Enchanting Candlelit Dinner

Turn the charm up with an alluring candlelit dinner in a stunning indoor setting, featuring dimmed lights that amplify the intimate ambiance. This date provides an opportunity for you to wine, dine, and serenade your loved one under the mesmerizing glow of candles and to the soothing tunes of live classical music.

Berlin Fast Food Adventure

Take your partner on a food adventure, exploring the rich and diverse fast food culture of Berlin. From currywurst and döner to trendy new food trucks, this is a culinary journey in authentic local cuisine.

Berlin Art Gallery Exploration

Dive into the artistic spirit of Berlin with this unique date idea. Whether you're both connoisseurs of art or interested in exploring the more cultural side of Berlin – this date is perfect for you. Discover a world within a painting or installation with your partner and create unending conversations that will deepen your understanding of each other and the world around you.

Jazz Night in Berlin

This date idea involves immersing yourselves into the lively jazz scene of Berlin. From small lounges to elaborately decorated jazz halls, the city boasts a myriad of locales offering exceptional live jazz music performances. Coupled with a selection of delightful drinks, this promises an unforgettable date night that combines culture, romance, and an element of surprise. Duration, budget, and whether it's indoor or outdoor won't limit your options, making this flexible concept fit for any occasion.

Scenic Bicycle Roadtrip in Berlin

This date idea involves a scenic bicycle roadtrip around Berlin, giving you and your partner the opportunity to explore this vibrant city through its well-established cycle routes. From iconic landmarks to charming local spots, you will get the chance to experience Berlin in a way that's both immersive and intimate.

Famous Berlin Fast Food Places Marathon

Embark on a culinary journey with your partner, discovering Berlin's renowned fast food joints. Taste local delicacies, enjoy the vibrant city life and bond over your shared love of food on this unforgettable gourmet adventure.

Mystical Rainy Sunday

Experience the city of Berlin like never before in a surprising and romantic indoor date on a rainy Sunday. The date includes some great surprises, which make the date unforgettable.

Vegan Fine Dining Soirée

Delight your senses with an exclusive culinary journey through the finest vegan plates Berlin has to offer. An experience designed for couples who are foodies at heart and appreciate gourmet plant-based cuisine. The perfect atmospheric setting for a romantic evening, serenading each other with tantalizing flavors and soul-stirring conversation.

Romantic Sailboat Evening at Wannsee

Enjoy a scenic view of Wannsee in Berlin, aboard a private sail boat. Let the sails catch the wind as you and your significant other enjoy the city lights from the water. Bring along your favorite meal and drinks for a picnic on the water at sunset.

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