Stargazing in the Park

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and spend a romantic evening under the stars with your partner. Stargazing in the park is the perfect date idea for couples looking to connect with each other and nature.

Cozy Uzbekistani Culinary Experience

This date may start in the kitchen, but it will transport you directly into the heart of Uzbekistan. Indulge in traditional Uzbek cooking and savour the unique flavours of Tandoor, Pilaf and Samsa, made by you and your significant other.

Dreamy Desert Star-Gazing

Spend the day exploring the wild beauty of Uzbekistan's desert before laying out a blanket to gaze at the starlit skies. A simple yet unforgettable way to spend quality time with your loved one. Escape from the everyday hustle and bustle and find peace in the serenity of the desert.

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