Airboat Adventure in the Everglades

This adventurous outing takes you on a thrilling airboat ride through the majestic Everglades. Experience exciting close encounters with native wildlife and witness the stunning natural beauty of the Everglades, all while enjoying a day away from the city's hustle and bustle.

Moonlit Stroll & Beach Picnic in Miami

The moonlit stroll and beach picnic in Miami offers an open-ended chance for couples to unwind and soak up the romantic atmosphere of the city. This date option is affordable, low-key, and allows the unique beauty of Miami to be a part of your date without spending a dime.

Cozy Art & Jazz Date

Experience a serene day filled with art exploration and mesmerizing melodies in Miami. Visit some of the best art galleries in town during the day, enjoy a light meal, and end the night on a high note with a soothing live jazz performance. It's the perfect way to appreciate the finer things in life without the need for alcohol or large crowds.

Sunrise Face Kiss on Miami Beach

Immerse yourself in the sensual experience of a face kiss as the sun rises over the beautiful ocean backdrop of Miami Beach. A sweet, loving gesture turns into a memorable date as you embrace the early morning serenity by the sea.

Romantic Sunset Beach Picnic

Indulge in an intimate low-budget date set against Miami's beautiful beach setting. With a cozy beach picnic set during the magical hour of sunset, deepen your relationship while witnessing one of nature's most beautiful phenomena. Ideal for couples seeking a romantic, yet affordable outdoor evening date.

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