St. Louis Surprise Jazz Date

Enjoy a unique surprise date experience in the heartland of jazz music. Visit a jazz club in St. Louis, enjoy a performance, try some locally brewed beers and immerse yourselves in the rhythm of the city.

Up and Down the City Scavenger Hunt Adventure

Get ready to experience St. Louis from a different perspective with our Up and Down the City Scavenger Hunt Adventure date. You and your significant other will be put to the test as you go through different locations in St. Louis, hunting for items and completing challenges together. This is a great way to bond as a team and create some fun memories together.

Artistic Exploration at The City Museum

Explore the enchanting world of misplaced city treasures, climb through a labyrinth of tunnels, and find your way out of a giant metal whale. The City Museum in St.Louis is not just a museum, but a surrealistic playground grown out of the mind of a talented sculptor.

St. Louis Foodie Exploration and Cocktail Making Date

In the streets of St. Louis, you'll find yourself amidst a variety of food stands showcasing delicacies from all over the world. Savor the rich flavors right in the heart of St. Louis with your partner. After a foodie exploration, step into a cocktail making class where you can playfully compete on who makes the better cocktail and enjoy sipping delicious homemade drinks.

Historical Hunt & Blues Jam Neck

This date involves a visit to a historical site followed by enjoying live blues music. Enjoy the intimate moment together, surrounded by history and soul-soothing blues tunes. Perfect for history and music-loving couples who prefer a quieter setting.

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