Dancing in the Moonlight

Make your evening a memorable one with a surprise date for your partner that perfectly combines dance, fun, and romance under the star-filled September sky in Indianapolis. This date will be full of passion, laughter, and love as you both let loose and move to the rhythm. Suitable for a fun-loving couple that appreciates a good dance session outdoors.

Indianapolis Aerial Silks Adventure

Step out of your comfort zone, be adventurous and surprise your partner by signing up for an aerial silks class in Indianapolis. Aerial silks is a type of performance in which one or more artists perform aerial acrobatics while hanging from special fabric. You'll learn to safely climb, wrap, suspend, fall, swing, and spiral your body into and out of various positions.

Chill at-home board game night

Forget about going out and getting dressed up. Instead, plan a date that is both chill and easy on the budget. It's an ideal way to escape the outdoor weather while still having a memorable time together. This indoor date consists of a laid-back board game night at home. You and your partner can dive into a world of friendly competition, strategy, and laughter.

Labor Day Anniversary Surprise

This anniversary date idea is the perfect way to celebrate your love and union on a budget in Indianapolis. The contingency of the Labor Day weekend brings an added excitement to your anniversary celebration no matter what time of day you choose to celebrate.

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