A Gastronomic Journey in Zaporizhzhia

A romantic dinner adventure through some of Zaporizhzhia's best dining destinations. Let your senses guide you and your partner through a delicious expedition featuring sushi, handmade pizzas, and juicy burgers – calorific heaven!

Sunset Picnic at Khortytsia Island

Enjoy the warm dusk of September in the heart of Zaporizhzhia. This date idea involves you and your love having a picnic on the serene Khortytsia Island. With a loving hug, a playful kiss, and even a gentle bite, on the pristine land, you'll be setting fire in the fall. With minimal people around, maximum nature to absorb, and an intimate sunset to appreciate, this date will surely be a memorable dive in your love journey.

Riverside Stargazing in Zaporizhzhia

Even the simplest moments can turn into magical memories. That's exactly what this date idea is about. It's perfect for those who believe in the beauty of simplicity and the magic of stars. Not to mention, it's easy on the wallet!

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