Amsterdam Canal Cruise Date

Experience the romance of Amsterdam's world-famed canals on a private sightseeing boat tour. Your eyes will be filled with the magic of the city's architecture and charm. Enjoy a tailored tour around the city with food, drinks, and a beautiful view.

The Amsterdam Bicycle Adventure Date

Experience the city of Amsterdam in the most authentic way - bicycle. As a city known for its bike-friendly streets, it's the perfect setup for a romantic and adventurous date. You can either rent a tandem bike for closer interactions or go for two separate bikes. Get lost in the vast network of bike lanes, absorb the city vibe, explore its historical buildings, canals, and hidden gems.

Amsterdam Canal Dinner Cruise

Experience the idyllic charm of Amsterdam's canals in a unique and romantic way. Take your partner on an unforgettable Amsterdam Canal Dinner Cruise where you can enjoy a delicious range of dishes while floating past the city's stunning sites. The beautifully lit canals and famous landmarks are a perfect backdrop for an intimate dinner date and provide the setting for an unforgettable adventure.

Private Canal Cruise with Candlelit Dinner

Enjoy the romantic city of Amsterdam in a unique way by having a private cruise on its famous canals. Savor a chef-prepared, candlelit dinner under the sparkling night sky, enhancing the romance of the city's illuminated bridges and buildings that pass by.

Canal Cruise and Dutch Cooking Class

Take your partner on a romantic canal cruise in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, followed by a surprise cooking class where you will learn to prepare traditional Dutch dishes together. This fun and romantic date idea will not only let you explore the city but also bond over the shared experience of cooking and enjoying a meal together.

Epic Amsterdam Canal Cruise and Dinner Date

This unique date involves a soothing afternoon boat tour along the peaceful canals of Amsterdam. Sail away into a world of historic architecture and timeless beauty as you enjoy the city's panorama from the water. After the cruise, head to a cosy local restaurant for an authentic Dutch dinner experience.

Amsterdam Canal Boat Dinner Experience

This sublime canal cruise proposal is perfect for a surprise romantic date that ticks all the right boxes. Dress up for the occasion as your evening will begin at a picturesque canal deck, where an exclusive boat awaits you for a remarkable culinary journey through the enchanting canals of Amsterdam. Your personalized menu will cater for a gluten-free, dairy-free, and red meat-free diet, giving you a remarkable evening under the stars.

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