Candlelit DIY Cooking Date

Your home is the perfect setting for a low-budget yet incredibly romantic date. Creating a delicious meal together not only makes for a fun activity but also allows for quality time and bonding. Just a few candles can make your kitchen feel as intimate as a cozy bistro.

A romantic afternoon at the Paul Klee Center

Immerse yourself in a day of culture and romance as you explore one of Bern's premier art venues, the Paul Klee Center. With more than 4,000 works by Swiss painter and illustrator Paul Klee, the center offers a comprehensive view of the legendary artist's oeuvre.

Surprise Sculpture Hunt in Bern

Surprise your partner with a unique and adventurous date tailored to ignite curiosity and creativity. Discover Bern’s charm and artistic heritage through a playful sculpture hunt around the capital's historical heart. This idea is unexpected, exciting, and above all, far from boring.

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