Delightful Dinner and Private Opera Show

Experience a truly high-end cultural ensemble of culinary masterpieces followed by a private opera show. Starting in one of Sweden's finest gourmet restaurants, you'll enjoy meticulously designed, sensational taste phenomena that are a concert to the palate. After tantalising your taste buds, get ready to be swept away by the profound beauty of opera, as you enjoy an intimate performance designed to stir emotion and passion. This high-budget indoor date idea for September not only matches the concept of a passionate evening but adds a melodious touch to the date making it a unique, fulfilling experience.

Stockholm Scenic Boat Ride

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and embark on a romantic boat ride in Stockholm, Sweden. Cruise along the scenic waterways and enjoy breathtaking views of the city's beautiful architecture. Whether you're a local or a visitor, this date idea is perfect for exploring Stockholm from a different perspective.

Cosy Candlelit Dinner at Home

A cosy evening spent inside, cooking a romantic dinner together and enjoying a movie. This date idea is a perfect intimate low-budget option that allows for quality time together.

Surprise Picnic by the Waterfront

Surprise your partner with a unique date idea of a picnic right at the picturesque waterfront in Stockholm. Enjoy fresh air, beautiful sights overlooking the water, and indulge in some local Swedish delicacies.

Bookworms' Adventure

For the intellectually curious couple, take a journey through literary history at the National Library of Sweden, delve into the world of contemporary art at Moderna Museet, and solve puzzles at Sherlock’s Mystery escape room. End the day with a delightful gastronomic surprise, creating unforgettable memories together.

Night Kayaking Under the Stars

Spend an exhilarating evening paddling through the dark waters of the Stockholm archipelago. As the sun sets, the waters turn into a mirror reflecting the vivid colors of the sky, creating a truly romantic and adventurous atmosphere. The tranquil serenity of the night enhances the experience, making it a perfect romantic getaway for adventurous couples.

The Enchanting Vasa Museum and Royal Palace Getaway

Spend an inspired day learning and enjoying Swedish heritage with your partner at the Vasa Museum and the Royal Palace. This romantic date starts with an exploration of the Vasa Museum, moved to a lunch at a cozy café, and finished with a romantic walk around the Royal Palace.

Art Awakening in Stockholm

Experience a cultural awakening together in Stockholm, the art hub of Sweden. Embark on a journey of creativity, expression, and inspiration as you explore art museums filled with a vast collection of modern and classics masterpieces.

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