Romantic Chocolate Animal Trail in Valencia

In this romantic trail, you and your partner will discover many of the joys Valencia has to offer while aiming at your personal tastes: love of animals and chocolate. You'll visit the Valencia Bioparc, an immersive zoo where animals live together as in their natural habitat, in the heart of the city. Afterwards, you're headed to a local city park to enjoy each other's company and indulge in some local Spanish chocolates.

Anime and Videogame Adventure Date in Valencia

Are you and your partner ardent fans of anime and video games? Well, strap yourselves in for an anime and video game-themed romantic date in Valencia, Spain. From visiting anime shops to gaming centres, this date will thrill and invigorate your passion for your shared hobbies.

Romantic Spanish Picnic Adventure

Enjoy a charming Spanish picnic filled with gastronomical delights and scenic beauty in Cordellats Park. This outing is a delightful blend of outdoor enjoyment, appetizing local cuisine, and heartwarming intimacy.

A Charming Afternoon at Turia Gardens

Stroll along the picturesque walkways of Turia Gardens, engage in some casual bird-watching, and enjoy a simple picnic overlooking the lake. Experience the romance of Valencia's nature in its fullest.

Valencian Paella Making Class & Sunset Walk

A traditional Valencian outdoor cooking class for paella followed by a romantic sunset walk in the city offers a non-average evening for foodie couples. Culinary lovers get a chance to not only taste, but also to learn how to prepare Spain's most iconic dish. As the evening progresses, enjoy a peaceful romantic walk as the setting sun throws a warm glow over the city.

Romantic Evening Sailing and Dinner in Valencia

Sail the turquoise waters of Valencia at sunset with your loved one, capturing the city's breathtaking views. Enjoy responsible conversation while sipping on local wine. After the trip, head over to a gourmet restaurant serving authentic Valencian cuisines. Wrap up the date with a stroll along the moonlit beach.

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