Exploring the Charms of Málaga

Take a leisurely walk through the white-washed streets of Málaga, explore the rich history and amazing architecture, rest by the beautiful fountains and enjoy the stunning view of sunset from the Mirador de Gibralfaro. This date idea is perfect for a warm September day.

Picnic at La Concepción - Jardin Botanico

Experience romance in one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in Spain, La Concepción, and enjoy a lovely picnic. With the climate in September being quite warm, a day outside in nature is perfect for leisurely strolls, exploration, and a picnic.

Wine Tasting in Málaga

A fun and intimate indoor date where you both can enjoy and learn about the lush and delicious varieties of Spanish wines that Málaga has to offer.

Andalusian Dream Horseback Riding Experience

Take your loved one on an unforgettable adventure in Malaga, Spain. Set hearts racing with a horseback ride along the beautiful beaches of Costa del Sol at sunset followed by a luxurious picnic under the stars. Capture your memories with a professional photography session in the romantic glow of the evening. Experience the Andalusian dream firsthand with this high-end romantic date experience.

Scenic Mountain Biking and Wine Tasting Adventure

Explore the stunning scenery of Malaga on a surprise mountain biking adventure. This not only satisfies your adrenaline rush but unites you with nature. Afterward, calm down your pulses in one of the charming local vineyards as you swirl, smell, and sip your way through some of the region's finest wines, enveloped by the peaceful ambience of the vineyard.

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