Relaxed Open Air Sculpture Walk in Kosice

Kosice, a village rich in history and culture, offers a serene outdoor experience perfect for a relaxed date. Stroll leisurely between unique open air sculptures scattered around the city, surmised by locals and international artists, sharing thoughts or simply observing in peaceful silence to enrich the bond.

Cozy Coffee Date

Relax and let the coffee do the talking as you and your partner settle into a cozy café in Kosice. This chill date idea involves lots of chatting, self-discovery and warm coffee. Enjoy the ambiance of the local café, take it slow, and get to know your significant other better over a cup of coffee.

Surprise Scavenger Hunt with Picnic Finale

A memorable date idea filled with fun adventure and sweet romance, a scavenger hunt set out in the beautiful city of Košice will take you and your partner through the city's key landmarks and hidden gems. The hunt ends with a lovely picnic in a park, with delicious local food and wine. It's a day loaded with surprise elements and fun tasks, promising loads of laughter and wonderful memories.

Košice Mystery Quest

The Košice Mystery Quest is an exhilarating date experience that mixes discovery, intrigue, relaxation, and local cultural immersion. You and your partner will work together to solve a self-created mystery, following clues across the beautiful city of Košice. Unravel the history and heritage of the city, indulge in local cuisine, and wind down your day in an antique spa.

Mysterious Treasure Hunt

Experience the thrill and romance of a mysterious treasure hunt plotted across the city of Košice. Unravel clues that will guide you to explore the city's rich history, savor local delicacies, and immerse in new experiences.

Luxury Adventure Date in Košice

Designed for adventurous and sporty couples, this luxury date idea provides a unique blend of excitement and romanticism. Embark on a thrilling hot air balloon ride overlooking the charming city of Košice, enjoy an exhilarating horseback riding adventure, and top the day off with a romantic gourmet dinner in a private yacht.

Adventure Skydiving Date

The adventure skydiving date is an amazing, adrenaline-packed experience that will guarantee unforgettable memories. This date includes safety instructions, a thrilling skydive with beautiful views of Košice, and a romantic dinner afterward to unwind.

Scavenger Hunt around Kosice

Up for a little fun and adventure? Then take your partner for an exciting scavenger hunt around the beautifully historic Kosice city. This outdoor adventure will not only spice up your relationship but also will give you both a new perspective on your city.

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