Stellar Dining on Cloud Nine

Immerse yourself in an exceptional evening filled with lively conversation, delicious food, tantalizing wine, celestial observation, and breathtaking views of Singapore

Starlit Picnic at Marina Bay Sands

Celebrate a belated birthday with an outdoor picnic under the stars at Marina Bay Sands. It's an excellent way to unwind, reconnect with your partner and enjoy the magnificent view of the city.

Artful Exploration at the Lion City

Explore the hidden aesthetic of Singapore's urban environment by embarking on a short, free journey through its vibrant local art scene. This date does not only provide you with exposure to unique local art, but also gives you lots of opportunities for interesting conversation.

Mystical Gardens Exploration

Get lost in the enchanting offbeat gardens away from the hustle and bustle of city center. Feel the serene nature vibes, engage in the beauty of exotic plants, and wrap up the magical journey with a quiet picnic under the stars.

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