Mystery Room Challenge Date

Heat things up with an adrenaline-filled date to the popular escape rooms in Belgrade. Put your sportiness and intelligence to the test by solving puzzles and unlocking doors together.

Jazz Night Date at Bitefartcafe

Experience an evening filled with the soothing sounds of jazz at the Bitefartcafe. As it is September, it's the perfect climate in Belgrade to enjoy an indoor entertainment. It's time to unwind with music that touches the soul.

Stargazing at the Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade

Create a romantic evening under the stars without breaking your budget. Despite being in the heart of Belgrade, you'll feel like you're in another world as you explore the universe with your own eyes at the Astronomical Observatory. A good blend of education and romance for your intelligent, sporty partner.

Private Latin Themed Outdoor Dinner with Live Acoustics

Take your partner to a beautiful private outdoor venue, where you can enjoy a delicious Latin American dinner, listen to live acoustic music, enjoy some video game trivia, and discuss various animal species. This idea perfectly combines your partner's interests in video games, animals, and Latin American dancing, while also ensuring the setting is not too crowded or noisy.

Romantic Bike Tour and Riverside Dinner in Belgrade

In this adventurous yet romantic date, you and your partner will take a bike tour around the vibrant city of Belgrade and cap the day with a riverside dinner. This date combines the raw energy of outdoor activity with the charming ambience of a dinner with a view.

Surprise Urban Sketching Tour

In this date idea, you and your partner will embark on an urban sketching tour around Belgarde, the capital of Serbia. This is perfect considering your partner's love for architecture and painting. And with the pleasant September weather, it will be a delightful and creative outdoor experience.

Romantic Vineyard Walk in Belgrade

Spend a beautiful day experiencing a whole new world in the vineyards of Belgrade. It combines the love for new experiences, wine, and walking into one unforgettable date. Breathe in the fresh air, admire the beautiful scenery, walk among the grapes and finish it off with a wine tasting.

Starry Night Picnic at Kalemegdan Fortress

This memorable date night involves a beautifully packed picnic enjoyed beneath the starlit skies in one of the most historic and romantic locations of Belgrade - the Kalemegdan Fortress. The tranquil scenery and mesmerizing views of the city and the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers create an unparalleled romantic ambiance.

Belgrade Memory Lane Walk

Take a charming stroll with your partner along the most romantic nooks and crannies of Belgrade, Serbia. Guide her through a journey dotted with exciting activities, beautiful landmarks, and quiet moments of reflection by the gorgeous Danube river. This low-budget date is designed to foster connection and aid in emotional healing.

Artsy Adventure in Belgrade

In the heart of Belgrade lies a journey designed for couples seeking modern, adventurous, and exclusive experiences. Explore unique art venues, savor a romantic dinner at a renowned restaurant and end the night with cocktails in a secretive bar.

Belgrade Street Art and Rooftop Picnic Surprise Date

Experience a date filled with color, romance and surprise in the heart of Serbia. Walk down the streets of Belgrade exploring its unique and expressive street art, then enjoy a cozy picnic on a city rooftop with a view that could steal your breath away. From the street murals to the skyline view, this date offers a chance for intimate conversation and connection.

Serbian Adventure

Embark on a romantic adventure in the charming city of Belgrade, Serbia. With its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture, this date idea is perfect for couples looking to explore a new destination together. Whether you're visiting for the first time or want to rediscover the city, Belgrade offers a unique experience that will create lasting memories.

Exploring the Belgrade Fortress at Sunset

Take your partner on a romantic adventure and explore the historic Belgrade Fortress in Serbia. Situated on a hill overlooking the city, this fortress offers a breathtaking view of Belgrade. The best time to visit is at sunset, when the sky turns a beautiful shade of orange and the city lights come alive.

Skydiving in Serbia

Take an adventurous leap off the beaten track and explore Belgrade from the skies with this unforgettable date idea. Even first-time jumpers are welcomed!

Serbian Vineyard Sunset Date

Connect in the calm ambiance of a picturesque Serbian vineyard. Start your date by sipping exquisite local wines, relaxing amid the fine landscape. Following that, tantalize your taste buds with a diverse selection of fresh fruits. The perfect climax to your date is as the sunset paints the sky in mesmerizing hues. With each element tying together to form a beautiful memory, you are guaranteed a romantic date that you and your loved one will remember for life.

Romantic City Stroll in Belgrade

Have a romantic date in Belgrade, one of the oldest cities in Europe, with a charming blend of historical architecture and vibrant nightlife. Allow the city's spirit to encapsulate your journey while you wander around hand in hand in the evening.

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