Romantic Mountain Picnic

In the stunning backdrop of the Caucasus Mountains, enjoy a self-prepared picnic. Experience breathtaking views and the cozy bonding time that a picnic date offers. The mild weather of September is perfect to enjoy the lush outdoors. This romantic mountain picnic is an incredible, adventurous way to enjoy your partner's company in a beautiful setting.

Candlelit Dinner with a View

Treat your partner to a memorable and romantic evening with a candlelit dinner with a view in Vladikavkaz, Russia. This intimate date idea is perfect for couples looking to enjoy a special night out together. With the beautiful scenery of Vladikavkaz as your backdrop, you and your partner will create lasting memories in a romantic setting.

Candlelit Symphony

Enjoy an unforgettable romantic evening in Vladikavkaz. Begin your date with a warm autumnal walk before settling in for a beautiful candlelit dinner at a local cozy cafe. Let the soft, melodic tunes fill the air as you spend a heartwarming evening with your partner.

Romantic Rooftop Dinner

Immerse yourself in a truly enchanting evening with a Romantic Rooftop Dinner in Vladikavkaz, Russia. This date idea offers couples the opportunity to enjoy a candlelit dinner with breathtaking views of the city skyline. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply want to spend quality time together, this experience is sure to create lasting memories.

Vladikavkaz Walk and Bike Tour

A thrilling biking tour of Vladikavkaz with your loved one. It's extremely chill, easy and a refreshing way to enjoy each other's company. This adventurous date is a great way to see the historic city in a new light.

Intellectual Park Stroll

Enter the world of romance blended with intellectual discussions as you walk through the beautiful parks of Vladikavkaz. This date is perfect for those couples who love to exchange ideas and enjoy the great outdoors at the same time.

Private Film Screening and Wine Tasting Night

Experience cinema like never before - create your own private film screening at your cozy home, complete with a first-class selection of wines. For a personal touch, pick a film that holds a special memory for both of you. As you immerse yourselves in the cinematic experience, take occasional wine tasting breaks to elevate this special evening. It's a blend of luxury, comfort, and intimacy all rolled into one.

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