Autumn Colors Walk in Velikiy Novgorod

Just imagine walking hand in hand with your loved one, the fall colors surrounding you as you take a leisurely stroll in Velikiy Novgorod. The trees becoming an artist's palette of oranges, reds and yellows, the crispness in the air, the crunch of leaves underfoot - it's all very romantic and a perfect way to spend a day together.

Ale Amour: A Craft Beer Tasting Date

For those with a shared love of craft beer, this date idea takes you on a tasting journey in Velikiy Novgorod. You get to try different artisanal brews in a cozy and intimate microbrewery while nibbling on delicious snacks. It's a wonderful opportunity to explore nuances of craft beer and share the experience with your significant other.

Morning Beer Tasting Experience in Velikiy Novgorod

Spend the morning in a cozy local brewery in Velikiy Novgorod, sharing conversations over a flight of locally crafted beer paired with lip-smacking snacks. Revel in the unique flavors and create lasting memories. Perfect for beer-lovers or those looking to try something new, our Morning Beer Tasting Experience in Velikiy Novgorod offers an insight into the local beer culture.

Rustic Out-of-Town Date in Velikiy Novgorod

Escape the rush of the city for a tranquil, romantic date out of town. This rustic date idea takes you to the beautiful countryside around Velikiy Novgorod followed by a picturesque picnic under the clear skies, and a return to the city to enjoy the breathtaking views from the Riverside Promenade. Experience romance and adventure without breaking your wallet.

Moonlit Riverwalk in Velikiy Novgorod

There's nothing like enjoying the blend of nature, history and the enchanting moonlight in the heart of Velikiy Novgorod, Russia. This date idea takes advantage of the region's beautiful river views and cooler evenings for an intimate, relaxing outing.

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