Adventure on the Volga River

Go on an adventurous date with your partner and embark on a thrilling journey kayaking on the majestic Volga River in Togliatti, Russia. This date idea is perfect for couples who love outdoor activities and want to experience the thrill of exploring the scenic river together. Paddle your way through the crystal-clear waters, surrounded by stunning landscapes, and create unforgettable memories as you navigate the river's twists and turns.

Cozy Indoor Home Cinema Date

Escape from the hustle and bustle for a while and create your private cinema right at home. Choose an emotional film or a series that you will keep in memory for a long time, or get snacks and a blanket, making your living room the perfect place for a romantic summer evening in Togliatti.

Romantic Candlelit Dinner in Togliatti

Ignite the spark of romance with a candlelit dinner in one of the intimate and cozy restaurants in Togliatti. As you gaze at each other across the tastefully laid table, let the romantic ambiance envelop you.

Stroll in Central Park

Spend an unforgettable afternoon in the embrace of nature at Central Park, Togliatti. It's a great way to have some outdoor time with your partner and baby, where you can enjoy the beauty of the park, stop for some refreshments, and make beautiful memories.

Adventure challenge in Togliatti's nature

Engage in an adventurous exploration game that takes you across the captivating landscapes of Togliatti. This date offers an opportunity to demand teamwork, solve riddles, complete challenges and explore the refreshing outdoors, fostering a sense of companionship and intimacy.

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