Russian Cooking Class Date

Dive into the rich and varied world of Russian cuisine with a hands-on cooking class. Learn how to prepare traditional dishes, such as Borscht, Piroshki, or Chicken Kiev, alongside your partner. This is a wonderful opportunity to not only sharpen your culinary skills but also bond with your other half over a shared love of food.

Romantic Picnic in Syktyvkar

Enjoy a short, budget-friendly albeit sentimental date with your partner with a cozy picnic amidst Syktyvkar's beautiful scenery. This budget-friendly, short-duration romance-filled date idea is perfect when scheduled for an afternoon. The serene surroundings will truly enhance the romantic atmosphere while you guys sit back and enjoy each other's company.

Art and Cocktail Date

Embark on an exciting journey of creativity and romance with an Art and Cocktail Date. This is a fun, intimate, and memorable way to spend time together, sipping on fabulous cocktails while expressing yourself through art.

Romantic Adventure Walk in Syktyvkar

This date idea involves exploring the picturesque landscapes and attractions of Syktyvkar. There's something uniquely romantic and adventurous about discovering a city by foot, especially when you're doing it with someone you care about.

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