Cozy Bookstore Date

Spend a romantic day exploring one of the charming bookstores in Saint Petersburg, delve into the world of literature together, and then relax in a nearby cafe with a cup of hot coffee. It's the perfect way to enjoy a chill date while still keeping it intellectually engaging.

Gaming and Doggy Date at Home

An intimate and fun date activity tailored for the gaming couple with a pet dog. This entails playing your favorite video games together while spending quality time with your furry family member. All these on a budget within your cozy home in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Russian Literature Inspired Coffee Date

Immerse yourself in the rich literary history of Russia with a romantic coffee date at one of Saint Petersburg's most historic coffee shops. Huddle together with your partner over a delicious cup of coffee or tea, and read from the works of timeless authors like Fyodor Dostoevsky and Alexander Pushkin. Enjoy the charm of Saint Petersburg and its illustrious past.

Saint Petersburg's Historical Hunt

A romantic date in Saint Petersburg, Russia, embracing the rich history and culture of the city. This features a historical hunt through the city's magnificent structures, a relaxing canal cruise at sunset, and a delightful gastronomical experience at the Fabergé Museum Café.

Relaxing Canal Stroll in Saint Petersburg

Take a leisurely stroll along the beautiful canals of Saint Petersburg, take in the stunning architecture, and enjoy the lovely September weather. This date idea is perfect for couples who enjoy casual walks, fascinating history, and picturesque views.

Punk Rock Art Date

Experience an unconventional romantic date in the heart of Saint Petersburg where you'll creatively express your punk side in a fun, chill and exciting way. Explore the art world through punk lenses, and put your rebellious creativity on canvas. Ideal for punk-loving couples with a low budget.

Food and Feline Fun

Treat your foodie, cat-loving partner to an intimate day out at one of Saint Petersburg's well-loved Cat Cafes. Enjoy the company of adorable kitties while indulging in Russian cuisine, followed by a picturesque walk along the Neva River as the sun sets.

Russian Tea and Psyche Talk

This date idea is designed to facilitate meaningful conversations while you and your partner enjoy a traditional Russian tea-drinking experience in a local tea room. This provides a cozy and intimate setting, perfect for connection and introspection while discussing various psychological topics that interest you both.

Romantic Wander in the Palace Gardens

Explore the magnificent gardens nestled in the heart of Saint Petersburg - Without asking for any admission fee, it is perfect for couples on a low budget. As you stroll through these enchanting landscapes, discover the soothing sounds of nature and the breathtaking views.

Stroll Around Nevsky Prospekt and a Visit to Bookstore

Revel in the scenic beauty of Saint Petersburg's main street - Nevsky Prospekt, pulsating with life and energy. Talk and soak in the surroundings, maybe grab a heartwarming hot beverage. As the evening sets in, head to a nearby cozy bookstore to dig into literature and intriguing conversations.

Romantic Boat Cruise on the Neva River

Embark on a romantic cruise down the Neva River in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Experience breathtaking scenery, historic landmarks, and the magic of this Russian city as the sun sets. This is the perfect chill date idea for couples looking to relax and enjoy each other's company while soaking in the rich culture and beauty of Saint Petersburg.

Culinary Adventure in Saint Petersburg

Discover the culinary delights of Saint Petersburg known for its unique and varied cuisine, on this adventurous date. Ideal for food-loving couples, you will get the chance to indulge in some unusual dishes, and may even learn how to cook them yourself.

Captivating Indoor Art Workshop

Dive deep into the world of creativity with your partner at an art workshop in Saint Petersburg, a city known for its vibrant artistic culture. You don't need to be professional artists to enjoy this date; the beauty lies in creating something together! Express your feelings through colors and shapes, and watch as your art piece takes on a life of its own. Perfect for a chill, indoor date in the pleasantly cool month of September.

Cozy Afternoon Tea Time at The Singer Cafe

Spend your afternoon at The Singer Cafe in Saint Petersburg, basking in the historical ambiance and sipping on warm cups of tea. It's the perfect indoor activity that suits your preferences and your budget while allowing you to enjoy the city's charm and aesthetic.

Mystery Art Tour Date

Take your partner on a surprise tour of Saint Petersburg's rich art scene. This unique date idea is perfect for couples who enjoy creativity and the unexpected. You both will have the chance to explore local art galleries and participate in a DIY art workshop.

Musical Night In

Get lost in the melodious tunes of the guitar, croon your favorite songs and enjoy a glass of your favorite booze. Experience romance like never before, right at the comforts of your home. September is the perfect time for this indoor date, as the weather in Saint Petersburg is often rainy and windy that time of the year.

Saint Petersburg Food Market Exploration Date

Embrace the captivating culinary culture of Saint Petersburg, Russia, while bonding with your partner over authentic food and drinks. Stroll hand in hand through local food markets, try out traditional delicacies, discuss the various flavors, and let the genuine foodie in you shine.

Surprise Art Walk in Saint Petersburg

This date idea escorts you through the artistic heart of Saint Petersburg, starting with a surprise visit a lesser-known gallery, followed by a serene walk appreciating the impressive street art, and finally, a visit to an art supplies store where you can try creating a shared piece of artwork. A truly romantic, creative, and cost-effective date idea.

Surprising Behind-The-Scenes Art Expedition

Saint Petersburg is a city steeped in art and history. What better way to plunge into its vibrant culture than by arranging a surprise art tour, featuring behind-the-scenes experiences at local galleries and artisan workshops.

Running a Kite Show in The Park

Enjoy a day under the autumn sun, feeling the kinship of the blowing wind and the freedom of a soaring kite. Disconnect from the routine and reconnect with your partner with this exciting activity.

Cultural Escape and Spa Day in Saint Petersburg

A combination of relaxation, cultural exploration, and gastronomy is bound to make your date extremely happy. This planned date is a mix of leisure and culture in Saint Petersburg which starts with a visit to the Hermitage Museum, walk along the Nevsky Prospect, a splendid meal at a well-known local restaurant and a relaxing spa session at a luxury wellness center.

Calm Day at the Erarta Museum

This date consists of a visit to the Erarta Museum, a lunch at the museum's cafe with a view of the beautiful Neva River, followed by a leisurely stroll along the riverside. It's a perfect way to enjoy a sunny September day in Saint Petersburg.

Artistic Journey in Saint Petersburg

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic world of art in the aesthetic and classic city of Saint Petersburg. Begin the day with a visit to the art galleries showcasing the city's revered artists or free exhibitions, followed by a leisurely stroll through the dreamy landscapes of city parks, and wrap up the day sipping something warm in a cosy local coffee cafe. A perfect blend of art, aesthetics, tranquillity and love.

Surprise Romantic Walk in Saint Petersburg

A surprise romantic walk date in the historic and astonishingly beautiful city of Saint Petersburg. As you walk along the city streets, take in the stunning architecture and enjoy each other's company. The surprise part will be an amazing dinner at a local Russian cuisine restaurant featuring lover's favorite food - meat.

Gourmet Gaming in Peter's City

Embrace your shared love for video games while indulging in a fun culinary experience in one of Saint Petersburg's many themed cafes. The fusion of a cozy atmosphere, classic video games, and gourmet food combine to craft the perfect indoor date.

Sunset River Cruise in Saint Petersburg

Enjoy the atmospheric twilight reflecting on the city's unique architecture and history as you sail smoothly through Saint Petersburg's waterways. This surprise adventure is the perfect way to share a memorable and romantic evening with your partner.

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