Russian Cuisine Cooking Class Date

Spend an intimate evening with your partner learning how to cook traditional Russian cuisine from a local chef. This is a great opportunity to bond with your partner while also acquiring a new skill. You will also get to enjoy the fruit of your labor by having dinner together afterwards.

Russian Folklore Storytelling Date

A splendid date for those who delight in literature and folklore. This romantic cultural journey into the heart of traditional Russia is an excellent opportunity to learn about the nation's fairy tales and master the art of Russian storytelling.

Indoor Winery Tour and Dancing Night in Rostov-on-Don

Experience a fantastic day in Rostov-on-Don that combines exploring the local wine culture with energetic clubbing. The day starts with a wine tour and tasting session in some of the best indoor wineries in town, followed by an evening of dancing and mingling in a popular local club.

Romantic Poetry Night

Poetry has always had the power to evoke deep emotions and connect people on a historical level. This date night idea involves reading, discussing, and creating poetry together, immersing yourselves in the magic of words and raw emotions.

Romantic Home-Made Cooking Lesson

Explore Russian cuisine while enjoying some quality time together. This is an indoor activity, perfect for a day with a temperature of 26.2°C. No worries about the wind or the time of sunset.

Romantic Canal Boat Ride with Picnic

Navigate through the lush green scenery and urban beauty of Rostov-on-Don on a serene canal boat ride. Complete the date with a delightful picnic filled with local culinary delights. Experience the romantic calm of the Don River, its captivating wildlife, and the historic architecture that enhances the town's charm, all while enjoying a picnic filled with regional dishes and charming conversation.

Craft Beer Tasting and River Boat Cruise

Spend a beautiful September day in Rostov-on-Don exploring the city's craft beer scene and taking a relaxing river boat cruise. You and your partner can taste local brews and learn more about craft beer, all while taking in the city's scenery.

Boat Ride along the Don River

Share the beautiful sights and sounds of Rostov-on-Don from an entirely new angle as you drift along the Don River in a comfortable boat. You'll get to witness the city's fascinating architecture, stunning sunset, and its bustling life from the water. Complete your evening with a lovely classical music concert.

Romantic Cruise on the Don River

Set sail on the Don River for an unforgettable romantic experience. This boat ride allows you to enjoy the scenic beauty of Rostov-on-Don from a unique perspective. You'll see the city's highlights lit up as the sun sets, creating a magical atmosphere.

Riverside Poetic Picnic

A simplistic and romantic date perfect for couples who cherish quiet moments and personal connection. This date paints a vivid picture of a day in Rostov-on-Don's charming scenery under the golden hues of September, enriched with a touch of tranquil river views, delicious homemade snacks, and soulful poetry.

Romantic Rooftop Dinner

Escape the ordinary and indulge in a romantic rooftop dinner with your partner. Enjoy breathtaking views of Rostov-on-Don's skyline while savoring a delicious meal in an intimate setting. This date idea is perfect for couples looking to create a memorable and romantic evening.

Romantic Rooftop Dinner

Treat your partner to a romantic rooftop dinner in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Find a rooftop terrace with stunning views of the city skyline and plan a special dinner for just the two of you. Enjoy the beautiful September weather while savoring delicious food and creating unforgettable memories.

Wine and Dine Evening

Treat your partner to a memorable and romantic evening with a wine and dine experience in Rostov-on-Don. This charming date idea allows you to indulge in delicious cuisine, sip on fine wines, and create lasting memories together.

Romantic Wine Tasting at a Local Winery

Indulge in a romantic wine tasting experience at a local winery in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Treat your partner to an intimate date where you can savor the flavors of exquisite wines and create lasting memories together. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourselves in the rich aroma and taste of locally produced wines.

Indoor Rock Climbing Challenge

Push your limits, conquer your fears and enjoy a thrilling experience as you try indoor rock climbing with your partner. Spice up your day with a bit of adrenaline while also spending quality time with each other. This unique adventure date in the city of Rostov-on-Don is perfect for couples who enjoy getting their blood pumping and want to spend their time in an exciting and challenging way.

Botanical Garden Picnic and Boat Ride

This date is perfect for those who enjoy the beauty of nature and the outdoors. The Rostov Botanical Garden is the perfect setting for a romantic day under the sun. Savour a delightful picnic under a canopy of trees, then explore the garden through a charming boat ride

Riverside Dinner with City Views

Things are heating up in Rostov-on-Don - it's time to whisk your significant other away on a romantic date night they'll never forget! Treat yourself to a divine riverside dinner, complete with stunning city views.

Artistic Enlightenment in Rostov-on-Don

Venture into your partner's world of arthouse movies and modern art, even if it's out of your comfort zone. Explore galleries, watch a movie, and engage in intellectual discourses. Not only will your attempt to appreciate her interests impress her, but you'll also gain newfound insights into art.

Rostov-on-Don Walking Cityscape Tour

Explore the city of Rostov-on-Don on foot, witnessing the city's transformation from summer to autumn. Immerse yourself in the urban landscape, visiting historical sites, popular local hangouts, and hidden gems only known to locals. A cityscape tour like no other, perfect for couples who share a love of discovery.

Unforgettable Rostov-on-Don Walk

Fall in love all over again as you and your partner embark on a mesmerizingwalk through Rostov-on-Don, full of local culture, history, and romance. Enjoy the beautiful cityscape, take in the sights and sounds of this bustling city while holding hands and cherishing each moment together.

Enchanting Sunset Cruise on the Don River

Indulge in a romantic and unforgettable evening with your partner on an enchanting sunset cruise along the beautiful Don River in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. As the sun sets and paints the sky with hues of orange and pink, you'll be treated to breathtaking views that will leave you in awe. This date idea is perfect for couples looking to spend quality time together in a serene and picturesque setting.

Russian River Cruise

Imagine embarking on a romantic river cruise in Rostov on Don, Russia's largest river port. As you sail along the serene river, you and your partner will be mesmerized by the picturesque landscapes and stunning views. This date idea allows you to explore the beauty of Rostov on Don in a unique and romantic way.

Romantic Date on the Rooftop

Love is in the air. Literally! Take your beloved to travel up towards the sky and celebrate your bond amidst the breathtaking views of the cityscape from the rooftop. This unique date idea will not only provide an outstanding panorama but also an intimate and private one-on-one to strengthen your connection.

Wild West Escape

Escape to the American Wild West right in the heart of Rostov-on-Don, Russia, and experience an unforgettable date filled with adventure, risk, and the spirit of the Wild West. This high-budget, long-duration date is perfect for couples seeking thrilling experiences and a taste of the cowboy lifestyle. Put on your cowboy hats, unleash your inner outlaw, and get ready for an action-packed evening that will transport you back in time to the era of sheriffs, bandits, and open prairies. Start your Wild West adventure by exploring a carefully crafted western town where every detail feels authentic. Walk hand in hand through the dusty streets, marvel at the old saloons and western-style buildings, and let the nostalgia of the Wild West set the mood for an extraordinary date night. As you immerse yourselves in the atmosphere, you'll feel like true pioneers in a land of opportunity and adventure.

Scenic Stroll and Cafe Date

Take a leisurely walk along the beautiful river in Rostov-on-Don and enjoy a cozy cafe date with your partner. This romantic date idea is perfect for couples looking for a low-cost option that offers both relaxation and a chance to connect. Spend quality time together as you explore the scenic outdoor surroundings and indulge in a delicious meal or coffee at a local cafe.

Rooftop Wine Tasting

Escape to new heights of romance with a rooftop wine tasting experience in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Set against a picturesque backdrop of the city skyline, this date idea will leave you and your partner feeling on top of the world. Imagine sipping on fine wines under the starlit sky, surrounded by the warm glow of twinkling lights and the gentle breeze. It's the perfect setting to unwind, connect, and create lasting memories with your loved one.

Evening Cinema & Riverside Stroll

Experience a classic date with a cinematic twist, followed by a tranquil stroll along the riverside at dusk. This date idea guarantees a balance of entertainment, romance and ambiance without hurting your pocket.

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