Table Tennis Tournament and Pasta Picnic

In September's mild weather, embark on a sporty, romantic outdoor date in Pushkino, Russia. Test your competitive spirit with a lively table tennis face-off, and nourish your body and bonds as you savor homemade pasta dishes in the park. It's an ideal blend of heart-pumping activity and leisurely, soul-filled dining.

Romantic Nature Photography and Picnic Date

Delight in the charm of Pushkino's nature in its full autumnal glory. Use this gorgeous backdrop to capture stunning photographs, creating beautiful memories. After your photo session, enjoy a cozy picnic with delicious snacks and heartwarming conversation beneath the rustling leaves.

Surprising Night Sky Picnic

Surprise your loved one with a fresh and unexpected twist on a classic date night. This experience offers a romantic picnic under the stars, with the added excitement of an unexpected astronomical adventure. Explore the wonders of the vast universe from the comfort of your picnic blanket while enjoying a delightful and fresh-packed meal under the magnificent September night sky in Pushkino.

Romantic evening walk in nature

Bring the romance of the outdoors indoors with a picturesque walk in the lush forest of Pushkino. Start your journey just as the sun is setting, enveloping the entire area in a mystical soft glow, perfect for a touch of romance.

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