Romantic Cruise Dinner in Novorossiysk

Prepare for an unforgettable evening aboard a luxury yacht in Novorossiysk. Start with a welcome drink and step onto a beautifully decorated vessel. Enjoy a romantic cruise dinner with a stunning view of the coast against the setting sun. Taste the local cuisine, watch the sunset, and then gaze at the stars, holding your soulmate's hand. Your partner would definitely love this exclusive date.

Seaside Sunset Dinner and Movie night

Savor a private dinner on a sailboat by the seaside as you watch the beautiful sunset at Novorossiysk harbor. Then, transform the sailboat into your personal floating cinema under the night sky, watching your partner's favorite movie together.

Gaming and Gourmet

Immerse yourselves in a world of gaming and culinary bliss. Start your day with a gaming challenge in a top-notch Gaming Cafe, then take a professional cooking class where you'll create a delectable dinner together.

Enchanting Sunset Boat Ride

Relish the waves of the Black Sea and the warm ambiance of the sunset as you sail across it in a leisure boat. This evening date idea is perfect for those looking for a relaxing and private space amidst nature.

Romantic Evening Stroll by the Sea

Take your relationship to the next level with a romantic evening stroll by the sea in Novorossiysk, Russia. This date idea is perfect for couples who want to spend quality time together and create unforgettable memories. Picture this: you and your partner walking hand in hand along the sandy shore, with the waves gently crashing against the beach. As the sun begins to set, the sky turns into a vibrant canvas of colors, creating a breathtaking backdrop for your romantic evening.

Vineyard Haven: Wine Tasting and Picnic

A perfect blend of romance and cultural exploration, the Vineyard Haven experience allows you and your partner to sample the finest wines of Novorossiysk and enjoy an intimate picnic amidst the serene views of a local vineyard.

Evening Sail on the Black Sea

Serene sea, scenic views, and stunning twilight - perfect ingredients for an evening romantic date under a moderate budget. Set sail from the banks of Novorossiysk and immerse yourself in an unforgettable voyage across the tranquil waters of the Black Sea.

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