Cozy Home Cooking Date

Spend an intimate evening cooking a delicious meal together. This date idea is not only budget-friendly, it also enhances bonding between you and your partner.

Free museum trip and park walk

This free date idea in Novokuznetsk, Russia, combines the enjoyment of art and culture with the beauty of nature. Start your date at the Kuznetsk Fortress Museum, where you will explore the rich history of the area. After the museum, take a romantic stroll around the beautiful city park.

Indoor Art Jamming Session

Spend the day indoors surrounded by paintbrushes, colors, canvas, and, most importantly, your partner. Create your own version of art during a fun and romantic art jamming session.

Indoor Cook-Off

Compete with your loved in an indoor cook-off. Utilize what you have in your kitchen and create a delicious meal together. This is a perfect blend of fun, romance, and competition.

Romantic Art Workshop

Experience a memorable and creative evening with your partner at a romantic art workshop. Indulge in the joy of creating beautiful masterpieces together. Unleash your inner artists and let your creativity flow as you spend quality time together.

Sunset Dessert Picnic at Chistyakovskiy Grove

Enjoy a simple but romantic sunset dessert picnic at the serene Chistyakovskiy Grove. Pack a homemade dessert basket, get cozy on your picnic blanket, and bask in each other's company while watching the mesmerizing sunset. This date is perfect for couples who need a break from the busy city life and look forward to having a sweet relaxation time amidst nature.

Instagrammable Photoshoot

Want to create beautiful memories and capture your love in stunning photographs? Treat yourselves to a romantic and Instagrammable photoshoot! This date idea is perfect for couples who want to create lasting memories while exploring the picturesque city of Novokuznetsk. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply want to have a fun time together, a photoshoot is guaranteed to create stunning images that you can cherish forever.

Surprise Fun Game Day at Novokuznetsk

Add an element of exhilarating excitement to your day with our 'Surprise Fun Game Day' date idea. This is perfect if you're based in Novokuznetsk or looking to surprise your partner with a fun, affordable and unexpected indoor date. Expect a day full of joyful laughter, friendly competition, and moments that you'll cherish forever.

Romantic Evening in Novokuznetsk

The evening begins with a private chauffeur picking you up from your location and driving you to your surprise destination. You are welcomed with a bouquet of flowers at your intimate private table, set with candles and a stunning view of the city lights. Enjoy the evening sipping on a bottle of world-class wine, savor a customized menu featuring luxury delicacies, and end the night with a slow stroll under the blanket of stars.

The Fairy-Tale City Tour of Novokuznetsk

Discover the charm of Novokuznetsk, a city with a rich history and a heart of dreams. Experience its architectural wonders, majestic monuments, and picturesque parks. The journey — meant to look like a fairy tale unfolding itself — is an ideal date for the romantics who wish to dispel the mundanity of daily life.

Stargazing in Novokuznetsk

There's something universally romantic about gazing up at the stars. Grab a cozy blanket, prepare some delicious midnight snacks, and prepare for an intimate adventure under the Novokuznetsk skies. A shared passion for astronomy can quickly turn into a shared passion for each other!

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