Workaholic's Off-Duty Retreat

Designed for the overworked, this date offers a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of work life. The highlight, a luxurious spa experience coupled with a smartphone-free policy, is suitable for even the most anxious individuals.

Romantic Ceramic Art Class

Channel your creativity and spend a memorable time together with a Romantic Ceramic Art Class. In the heart of Murom, you'll learn to craft beautiful ceramic pieces while bonding with your loved one. Building something together can foster cooperation, increase empathy, and promote deeper emotional connection.

Surprise Adventure: Quick Escape from Bandits

Inject a dose of thrill and surprise into your relationship by role-playing a quick escape from bandits scenario. Using the rich landscape and historic landmarks of Murom as your backdrop, unmask your inner adventurer and build a stronger bond with your loved one as you strategize, cooperate, and dash through this exhilarating date experience.

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