Cozy Home Spa Date

Indulge in an intimate, touching and tactile home spa experience that doesn't break the bank. Not only does it embody the essence of coziness, but also fosters a strong bonding experience as a couple. It's perfect for couples who are tactile and love touch

Romantic Treasure Hunt at Gorky Park

Unleash the adventurous spirit in your romantic relationship with a unique and exciting 'Romantic Treasure Hunt' date at Gorky Park in September. This activity goes beyond ordinary sightseeing, unraveling the mysteries hidden within the majestic park and bringing you two closer in the process. Enjoy the crisp, rich colors of the Moscow autumn. Your thrilling adventure concludes with a beautiful riverside picnic.

Private Painting Workshop Date

Reveal your inner artist while spending precious time with your significant other. Unleash your creativity in a relaxing painting workshop. No need to worry about the cold weather outside, the warmth of the art studio and the magic of your brushes on the canvas will provide an unforgettable date.

Vintage Record Shopping & Jazz Lounge

Dive into the world of vintage music with your partner on this cultural date. Begin your date by exploring the vintage music stores of Moscow, then transition into an evening of live jazz at a high-end lounge.

Picturesque Riverside Picnic & Embankment Stroll

This relaxed date idea takes the simplicity of a picnic and combines it with the majesty of the Moscow River. You'll start your date with a leisurely picnic by the riverside, giving you plenty of time to talk, reconnect and enjoy each other's company. Afterward, take a tranquil stroll along the embankment, where you'll admire the city's stunning architecture silhouetted against the evening sky.

Artsy Café Date

Your date will be set in an artsy café, which is often less crowded and offers a more intimate setting. You can pick one with local art on the wall to give you and your partner plenty of topics to discuss. Sip on traditional Russian coffee, and if you like, share a pastry while getting to know each other better.

Indoor Russian Cooking Class

Take your partner on a memorable and unique date by enrolling in a Russian cooking class in Moscow. Together, you'll have a chance to learn about traditional Russian cuisine and build a deeper understanding of each other over a tasty meal prepared by your own hands.

Moscow Metro Exploration

Take a trip through history and beautiful architecture by exploring the Moscow metro stations. Each station tells a story and is a work of art with each one being different from the last.

Wine Tasting and Stroll at Kolomenskoye Park

Indulge in a delicious wine tasting journey followed by idyllic strolls in the stunning Kolomenskoye Park. The day is intended to combine your partner's love for wine, walks, and beautiful views in a single memorable experience.

Surprise Magic Show and Dinner Date in Moscow

Spend an unforgettable evening with your partner engaging in a thrilling magic show at a popular venue in Moscow, then enjoy a romantic dinner in an upscale Russian restaurant. Be fascinated by the intriguing illusions and tricks, and then immerse yourself in the flavorful world of Russian cuisine.

Rooftop Cinema Date

Everyone loves movies, and what better way to enjoy them than rooftop, under the blanket of stars with the stunning view of Moscow skyline. To make your date magical, this date idea revolves around an intimate evening spent at a rooftop cinema, showing a classic romantic movie.

A Stroll and Sketching in Sokolniki Park

Take your better half for a relaxing day out around Sokolniki Park. This romantic date takes advantage of the crisp early Autumn weather by getting you involved in a shared relaxation activity: sketching. Marvel at the falling leaves and engage your artistic side by sketching the scenic works of nature.

Moscow Hot Air Balloon Adventure

Take to the skies with your partner on a thrilling hot air balloon ride over Moscow. There's no better way to satisfy your adventure cravings and experience a new sensation without the crowds. Be mesmerized by the stunning panoramic views of the city and the beautiful colors of the September sky.

Private Helicopter Tour over Moscow

A perfect adventure date awaits as you and your partner embark on a private helicopter tour over Moscow. This high-flying date is sure to get your hearts racing and give you a new perspective on the vibrant city below. Feast your eyes on the capital's sprawling skyline and landmark buildings from a unique, bird's eye view as the helicopter sweeps across the city. The tour also offers aerial views of Moscow's expansive parks and waterways, adding a serene touch to the thrilling flight. And the best part? You get to share this extraordinary experience with just your partner, catering to her preference for avoiding crowded places.

Artistic Junkyard Exploration

Spend an afternoon exploring the depths of an art junkyard, where you can marvel at odd and interesting pieces of art, nestled amongst the everyday discarded objects. It's an unusual but fun activity for art enthusiasts. Besides, you could even pick up a weird but fascinating piece to remember your date by!

Hot Air Balloon Flight over Kolomenskoe Park

Ever dreamt of flying high above the city with your partner and experience its breathtaking beauty from entirely new heights? Then it's time to make it happen with a hot air balloon flight over Kolomenskoe Park. This date idea is not only adventurous but also incredibly romantic.

Art Viewing at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

For a chill and sophisticated date, consider visiting the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. As one of Russia's largest museums of European art, it's a place where you and your partner can immerse yourselves in artistic beauty and historical significance. Walk leisurely through the magnificent corridors admiring the stunning collection of paintings, sculptures and other art pieces. Share your thoughts or interpretations of the artworks for a deeper connection.

Moscow Art Galleries Tour

Spend the day exploring the rich cultural scene of Moscow by visiting some of the city's renowned art galleries. A low budget, cultural indoor experience

Moscow Clubbing & Foodie Night

Embark on a journey full of rhythm, beats, and culinary delights as you live Moscow's eclectic nightlife. Start the evening at one of the top clubs, dancing to the beat of the music favored by your partner. Then, take a breather and satiate your tastebuds at an authentic Russian restaurant without breaking the bank.

Romantic Art and Cinema Exploration

Immerse yourself in Moscow's culture with a leisurely stroll through free or low-cost art galleries followed by a unique film experience at a local independent cinema. Perfect for art lovers and film enthusiasts looking for a romantic indoor date during September.

Romantic Picnic and Concert Date in Moscow

A beautifully organized picnic in one of Moscow's scenic parks, followed by an evening filled with music and dance at a local concert. Delight in new culinary experiences with a well-curated picnic basket full of exotic Russian delicacies.

Surprise Moscow Street Art Tour

This date involves taking your partner on a self-guided tour of some of the most stunning street art in Moscow. Make the most of the pleasant September weather as you witness culture and creativity mingling on the walls of the metropolis. As a low-budget date idea, it allows you to enjoy the richness of Moscow's art scene without breaking the bank.

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