DIY Art Workshop at Home

On a chilly day in Kislovodsk, cozy up with your partner with a hot cup of tea and enter the world of creativity. This date idea of a DIY Art Workshop at home is a fun and relaxing way to spend quality time with your partner, exploring your creative sides, chatting, and making a unique piece of art together. It's a budget-friendly option, too: all you need are art supplies, which can be easily found in local stores or online. The bonus? You keep the masterpiece as a memory of this special date.

Exploring Kislovodsk's Landmarks

Embark on a romantic and adventurous date in the charming city of Kislovodsk. Take a leisurely walk hand in hand as you explore the city's famous landmarks and soak in its beauty. This date idea is perfect for couples who love outdoor adventures and want to create lasting memories together.

Surprise Walk and Museum Date in Kislovodsk

Indulge in a day where culture, nature, and fine cuisine meet. This romantic date idea will take you through the charming streets of Kislovodsk, a visit to a captivating museum, a stroll in a beautiful park, and will end with a delectable meal in a cozy restaurant.

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