Kashira Bike Adventure

Discover the natural beauty of Kashira, Moscow Oblast, by embarking on an exhilarating bike adventure. It's the perfect blend of sporty and romantic, letting you and your partner appreciate breathtaking landscapes while also getting a good workout. The September weather is ideal for biking, allowing you to thoroughly enjoy the transitional beauty of Kashira's outdoors.

Kashira Riverside Picnic and Boat Ride

This date includes a serene picnic by the riverside and a romantic boat ride. Cozy up with your partner, enjoy some good food and take in the beautiful landscapes of the surrounding area. Then take a paddle boat and gently row across the calm rivers of Kashira for a truly idyllic and peaceful date.

Stargazing Adventure in Kashira

Spend your evening underneath a blanket of stars for an unforgettable date night. Prepare some cozy blankets, get a star map or an astronomy app, pack a picnic, and head out to a quiet, clear spot where you two can get lost in the cosmos above. This date idea is perfect for couples who want to experience a tranquil moment together while being surrounded by the beauty of Kashira's night sky.

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