A Relaxing Walk in Ivanovo Parks

Experience the tranquility of Ivanovo's parks with your partner. This simple, yet romantic date is perfect for enjoying each other's company without distractions. Take a stroll along the paths, enjoy the lush greenery, and have deep conversations. Even though your partner may wrestle with some personal issues, the serene atmosphere can provide a grounding experience.

City Scavenger Hunt

Your playful side is sure to come out with this adventurous city scavenger hunt in the beautiful setting of Ivanovo. This special date will not only ensure you have a full day of excitement and discovery, but also bring you closer as you solve clues and conquer challenges together. Get ready to feel like kids again!

Canvas of Love - Art Fit for Two

Experience painting together, embellishing the canvas with your love while also exploring the culturally rich city of Ivanovo. Nothing says 'I love you' than creating a masterpiece together! This date is all about tapping into your creative sides, working together, and creating something beautiful that you can cherish forever.

Painting together by the river

Experience the charm of the autumnal landscape in Ivanovo by painting it together with your beloved. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty, express your feelings on canvas, and deepen your bond over this shared creative activity.

Romantic Day and Night in Ivanovo

Indulge in the tranquility and beauty of Ivanovo's parks during the day, and then retreat to the comfort of your own home for a romantic evening. This day-long date is perfect for those who enjoy a mix of outdoor and indoor activities.

Picnic by the Uvod river

This date idea involves a relaxing picnic by the picturesque Uvod River in Ivanovo, perfect for couples who want to take a breather and appreciate the simple yet beautiful parts of life.

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