Fall colors nature hike & hot chocolate picnic by the lakeside

As autumn sets in, nature displays an array of vivid colors, making it the perfect time for a nature hike. Cut through the heart of the colorful forest, soaking in the breathtaking scenery, and make your way to the serene lakeside, where a cozy picnic under the setting sun awaits you. Finish off the day by sharing heartwarming stories over cups of hot chocolate as you enjoy the lakeside view.

Cozy Artistic Getaway

Enjoy a creative day at an art studio, tap into your inner artist and try your hand at painting or pottery. Followed by a home cooked traditional Russian meal and then snuggle up with a throw blanket for a nostalgic movie night at home.

Art Gallery Tour with Wine Tasting

Deep dive into the vibrant art scene of Electrostal. Explore some hidden gems, discover awe-inspiring pieces of artwork from local and international artists, and enhance your knowledge about various art styles. Gain new insights on every stop, and wrap up your day with a wine tasting session at a local winery. Extend your cultural boundaries on this romantic art-gallery date.

Peaceful Forest Picnic Date

What could be more romantic than spending a day in the great outdoors, amidst the natural beauty of the Russian forests? Take advantage of the gentle autumn weather and escape the city for a calm and heartwarming picnic.

Romantic Dinner in Elektrostal

This cost-friendly yet romantic dinner date idea is sure to bring you closer to your partner, as you enjoy a tranquil evening under the stars somewhere in Elektrostal. It comes with the benefit of good food, engaging conversation, and beautiful surroundings that make the evening special.

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