Autumn Picnic by the City Pond

Experience the romance of autumn by indulging in a serene outdoor date idea. A picnic by the city pond in Ekaterinburg, filled with warmth, love and serenity. Enjoy the fall colors, mild winds and a perfect spot for a more relaxed bonding time with your loved one.

Artful Date at Yeltsin Center

Venture into the heart of Ekaterinburg for a historical and enlightening date to remember. Your journey will take you to the renowned Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center, a cultural hub showcasing pivotal events in Russian history through innovative exhibitions. This date combines the thrill of discovery with a relaxed, comfortable environment.

Cooking Class and Comedy Show

Indulge in a date filled with food and laughter as you embark on a cooking class adventure followed by a hilarious comedy show in Ekaterinburg, Russia. This date idea offers the perfect combination of culinary delight and entertainment, creating a memorable experience for you and your partner.

Stargazing in the Park

Immerse yourselves in the enchanting world of stars with a romantic stargazing date in the park. Spend a magical evening under the twinkling night sky, gazing at the stars hand in hand, and creating lasting memories together. As the sun sets and darkness descends, find a cozy spot in a local park away from the city lights to fully enjoy the celestial display. Spread a soft blanket on the grass, lay down, and snuggle up close to your significant other. Feel the cool grass beneath you as you marvel at the vastness of the universe above. Admire the constellations and try to spot shooting stars as you share intimate conversations and whisper sweet nothings to each other. The peaceful ambiance and the awe-inspiring beauty of the stars will create a truly romantic atmosphere.

Moonlit Rooftop Dinner

Indulge in a truly enchanting experience with a Moonlit Rooftop Dinner. Set against the backdrop of the starry night sky in Ekaterinburg, Russia, this date idea is perfect for couples who want to create magical and unforgettable memories together. Imagine being whisked away to a secret rooftop location, where a beautifully decorated table awaits you and your partner. Soft candlelight flickers, casting a warm glow on your faces as you enjoy a delicious gourmet menu. As the sun sets and the moon rises, you'll be surrounded by breathtaking views of the city. The twinkling lights below add an extra touch of romance to the evening, creating a truly magical atmosphere. Whether it's a special anniversary, a birthday celebration, or simply a spontaneous gesture of love, a Moonlit Rooftop Dinner is the perfect way to show your partner just how much they mean to you.

Magical Day in Ekaterinburg

Spend an unforgettable day in the charming city of Ekaterinburg without stressing over the budget. This magical date allows couples to explore hidden gems, enjoy local treats, and create memorable experiences.

Ekaterinburg Romantic Exploration Date

Make the most of your time in Ekaterinburg with a romantic exploration date. Fill your memory with stunning architectures, historic sites, and a thrilling adventure in the heart of this beautiful city. This surprise-filled day out is perfect for couples who love to explore, learn, and eat together.

Romantic Stroll Through Ekaterinburg

This experience involves a relaxed and romantic stroll through the city center of Ekaterinburg. You will see various historical sights and landmarks, providing an ample backdrop for meaningful conversations and moments.

Anime Night In

Experience a cozy and comfortable evening indoors at home with your loved one, where you'll enjoy great food, exciting anime, and each other's company.

Healthy Surprise Date in Ekaterinburg

Spend quality time with your loved one as you enjoy healthy and tasty cuisine served in the warm and cozy ambiance of a spectacular restaurant in Ekaterinburg. This date guarantees unforgettable memories and a fine introduction into the world of healthy culinary delights.

Romantic Stargazing in Ekaterinburg

Indulge in a truly enchanting date night in Ekaterinburg by stargazing with your partner. Leave behind the crowded cinemas and noisy restaurants, and escape to a serene and intimate setting under the clear night sky. This romantic experience will allow you to connect with each other on a deeper level while marveling at the beauty of the universe.

Ekaterinburg sushi-making and movie date

Experience the joy of culinary creativity with your partner by making sushi together, and follow it up with a warming tea ceremony and a movie marathon in your cozy home. This is not just about enjoying food and entertainment, but also about building memories and connections while enjoying the serene indoors of Ekaterinburg.

Food, Warmth, and Videos Date

This date plan is all about enjoying the comfort of your homes, the joy of cooking, and the beauty of being engrossed in good video content together. It's a long-lasting, cozy date perfect for couples looking for an intimate and relaxed time together.

Cultural Fusion Dinner

Indulge in a culinary adventure that combines the flavors of two vibrant cultures with a romantic dinner at a fusion restaurant. Discover the perfect blend of Russian and Mexican cuisines in a cozy and enchanting setting. This unique date idea offers a tantalizing array of dishes that will transport you and your partner to a world of diverse flavors and culinary delights.

The Calming and Cozy Bookstore Date

Ease your date's anxiety and show your considerate side with a calming and cozy first date in Ekaterinburg. The soothing atmosphere of a local bookstore, coupled with a relaxing stroll by the pond, will make for a perfect, no-pressure first date.

Thrilling Escape Room Date

Challenge your collaborative skills with this thrilling Escape Room Adventure in a cafe environment. This exciting date incorporates puzzling challenges and mind-bending mysteries that you together need to solve!

Romantic Stargazing Date

Enjoy a magical evening under the stars with your partner on a romantic stargazing date in Ekaterinburg. This date idea allows you to connect with nature and each other, creating a memorable and intimate experience.

Romantic Adventure in Ekaterinburg

Embark on a day full of thrills and surprises as you explore the significant landmarks, hidden gems, and decadent eateries in Ekaterinburg. This date idea promises to add a dash of adventure into your romance and leaves you with unforgettable memories.

Afternoon Tea Time at a Cozy Cafe

Enjoy the serenity of Ekaterinburg with a romantic afternoon tea in a cozy cafe. This low-cost yet heartwarming date idea is perfect if you're looking to spend some quality time with your partner.

Scenic Ekaterinburg Walking Tour for Two

Discover the hidden gems of Ekaterinburg by foot on this intimate, cost-effective date. Get lost together in the whimsical maze of streets, enjoy local street food, embrace the historical ambiance, and dream along with the breath-taking sceneries around you.

Autumn Love Walk

This date idea is tailored for couples who cherish the serenity of nature and the warm embrace of autumn. Amidst the spectacle of fall foliage in Ekaterinburg, sodden in the hues of amber, burgundy and gold, stroll hand in hand, sharing stories, dreams and laughter.

Ural Mountains Hike & Geology Lesson

This date idea will take you on a hike to the beautiful Ural mountains. There, you will also enjoy a fun and educational geology lesson, where you'll get the opportunity to learn about the unique geological features of the area.

Surprise Equestrian Date in Ekaterinburg

Enjoy a memorable experience with your loved one as you both embark on a surprise equestrian date in Ekaterinburg, Russia. It's perfect for anytime of the day and sure to bring out the adventurous spirit in you both. Ekaterinburg and its outskirts are the perfect scenes for this idyllic experience as you navigate horseback through stunning trails and take in the beautiful surroundings. Low budget and medium duration ensures this surprise date is literally a ride to remember.

The Emotion-Filled Ice Skating Date

Experience the charm of Ekaterinburg and fill your day with laughter, joy, and connection. Start your day with a brisk ice skating session, followed by some warm hot chocolate at a nearby café. As the day unfolds, take a leisurely walk exploring the beautiful sights of the city, capping off the day with a breathtaking view of the sunset from one of the city’s viewpoints.

Craft Beer Tasting Together

Experience the craft beer culture in Ekaterinburg with your loved one as you indulge in a unique tasting session. It’s a relaxed, low-pressure setting that allows you to enjoy each other’s company, support local beer artisans, and learn something new together.

Beer Tasting and Brewery Tour

This date idea perfectly combines your girlfriend's love for beer with a fun and interactive activity. You'll visit a local microbrewery in Ekaterinburg where a knowledgeable guide will show you how their famous brews are made, from grain to glass. After the tour, sit down for a guided beer tasting where you can sample a selection of their finest ales. After the tasting, why not enjoy a romantic dinner at their restaurant?

Romantic Rooftop Picnic in Ekaterinburg

Turn an ordinary day into an unforgettable memory with a romantic picnic in Ekaterinburg. Devour homemade delicacies as you sit atop a rooftop overlooking the splendid cityscape. This unique and affordable idea is perfect for foodie lovers!

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