Artistic Journey at the Abakan Art Museum

Immerse yourselves in the enchanting world of art and culture at the Abakan Art Museum. It's a serene and romantic escape where you can appreciate the richness of Russian art, get to know each other's art preferences, and create unforgettable memories.

Abakan River Sunset Cruise

This unique date offers an unforgettable experience that combines nature, adventure and romance in the heart of Siberia. You and your partner will embark on a beautiful, comfortable riverboat, filled with plush blankets and decorative lights. As the sun sets, you'll enjoy an intimate gourmet picnic, featuring a variety of regional delicacies. While you dine, a local musician will serenade you under the stars, rounding off your evening with a bit of culture and charm.

Cozy Cooking Date

Have a romantic and intimate cooking date at home with your partner. Spend quality time together while exploring new flavors and creating delicious dishes. This date idea is perfect for couples who enjoy food and want to try something different.

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