Culinary Walking Tour of Wroclaw

Experience Wroclaw in the most delicious way. Take your partner on a culinary walking tour exploring the city's history, architecture, and of course, food. This ideal date will consist of tasting local delicacies, discovering hidden gems, and creating lasting memories.

Romantic Evening Picnic in Wroclaw

Cherish a romantic evening picnic in the breathtaking cityscape of Wroclaw. Be it in a city park, or by the Odra river, this date idea lends an intimate setting to admire the city's beauty whilst spending quality time with your partner. Get ready for a memorable evening filled with romance, interesting conversations, delicious Polish cuisine, and the enchanting ambiance of Wroclaw at dusk.

Urban Adventure in Wroclaw

Step out of ordinary with an evening packed with adrenaline and heart-pounding activities. Cycle through the vibrant streets of Wroclaw, climb up to rooftops to get a panoramic view of this magical city, and cap the night off by witnessing the city lights while sharing a warm picnic.

Romantic Riverside Picnic in Wroclaw

Engage in a low-budget yet romantic date in Wroclaw with a picnic by the Oder River during sunset. Pack your favorite picnic essentials, or grab some local delights from the city's street vendors, and find a cozy spot near the river to watch the sunset. This experience combines the natural beauty and historical charm of Wroclaw, with an intimate space for meaningful conversations and connection.

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