Private Movie Night at Kino Praha

Revel in a classic cinema experience by renting out a historic cinema for a private movie screening. Make your partner amazed with this extravagant surprise, as you watch a timeless classic or a film you both love. This unique date idea becomes even more special when you have the whole cinema to yourselves!

Lazy Day Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Having a lazy partner does not mean you cannot have a fantastic date. Transform your typical indoor day into a fun and charming indoor scavenger hunt, no need to step outside and the whole activity can be accomplished with a minimal budget.

Warsaw City Scavenger Hunt

Experience the most adventurous date in the heart of the historic city of Warsaw, Poland. Through a city-wide scavenger hunt, couples will discover Warsaw's charm, unravel city secrets, while fortifying their bond with teamwork and fun.

Romantic Night at the Opera

Treat your partner to a truly romantic night at the opera in Warsaw, Poland. This classic and elegant date idea is perfect for couples who appreciate arts and culture. Get dressed up in your finest attire and immerse yourselves in the enchanting world of opera.

Essence of Vietnam in Warsaw

Enjoy exploring and experiencing Vietnamese culture in Warsaw with your special someone. Dive into the history, taste Vietnamese street food, and capture memorable moments on this one of a kind date.

Escape Room Experience in Warsaw

Are you ready for a thrilling, intellectually stimulating date? Warsaw's escape rooms offer a fun, engaging experience that's perfect for couples looking for a challenge. This is a great opportunity to work together, solve puzzles and get to know each other better.

Warsaw Surprise Picnic Basket Date

Experience the joy of a pleasant surprise and the beauty of Warsaw's famous Lazienki Park with a surprise picnic date. This includes a stroll through the park, a picnic with a basket featuring delicacies from a local restaurant, and a romantic music session near the park's monument or lake.

Surprise Musical Food Journey in Warsaw

Discover a surprise musical food journey in Warsaw with your partner. Combining the elements of surprise, music, and cuisine, this date idea is designed to entertain and tantalize your senses. Experience different local delicacies in various locations while enjoying some of the finest musical performances Warsaw has to offer.

Bike and Dine in Warsaw

A date that combines exercise with a romantic meal. Begin with a morning cycle, follow the scenic trail around the Vistula River and end the day with a scrumptious dinner in a local restaurant.

Thrifty Treasure Hunt in an Antique Market

Indulge in a creative indoor date where you get to explore the dazzling world of antiques at a local market, discover amazing food at a hidden gem of a restaurant, all wrapped up in a fun-filled treasure hunt designed to thrill both of you.

Surprise Cooking Class and City Quest

Experience the taste of Poland and the thrill of a city quest on this unique and romantic date in Warsaw. Start your date with a surprise cooking class, where you will learn how to prepare traditional Polish dishes. Once you've prepared and enjoyed your meal, embark on a city scavenger hunt in Warsaw's Old Town. Unravel the city's historic secrets whilst enjoying each other's company on this adventurous date.

Culinary Delights & Game Night with Live Music

Delve into the culinary delights of Warsaw, Poland, challenge each other in a thrilling game night, and immerse yourselves into the soul-stirring tunes of live music. This date idea encompasses an evening cooking class, a competitive game night, and ends with soothing live music in one of Warsaw's reputable music lounges. Perfect for indoor-loving individuals, this date ensures an evening of laughter, relaxation and gastronomical exploration.

Warsaw Jazzy Dinner and Games Night

A cozy yet thrilling evening in the heart of Warsaw that boasts culinary delights, soul-soothing music, and thrilling games. First, you'll start off with a mouthwatering dinner at an award-winning restaurant and paired with a live jazz concert. Later, unwind with a variety of games at a nearby gaming zone.

Surprise culinary adventure in the heart of Warsaw

Surprise your partner with a food-focused adventure through Warsaw, sampling culinary treasures in various hidden corners of the city. Enjoy a blend of traditional Polish cuisine and modern twists. Experience a day filled with delightful surprises, delectable food, and heartwarming moments while exploring the city's charm.

Warsaw Adventure Chase

Embark on an exciting and free adventure-filled chase in Warsaw designed to boost your connection and thrill your senses. This date scenario promises to keep you on your toes, providing intimate and nostalgic moments together amidst the beauty of the historic Polish city.

Riverside Picnic and Castle Tour in Warsaw

Indulge in a luxurious date amidst the historic beauty of Warsaw. Start your day with a private river cruise on the Vistula river while savoring delightful picnic treats. Then enjoy an exclusive tour of the iconic Royal Castle. Perfect for couples looking for a blend of nature, history, and luxury.

Relaxed Riverside Picnic

Looking for a low-budget, chill date idea in Warsaw? Try a relaxed riverside picnic by the Vistula River. With the calm river flowing by and the warm August air, a picnic date is a charming way to connect and enjoy each other's company.

Enchanting Evening at Łazienki Park

This is a romantic date idea that provides a charming blend of nature and dining experience. Start the evening with a leisurely stroll in the beautifully illuminated Łazienki Park, which offers idyllic scenery and stunning architecture. Followed by an exclusive dinner at U Kucharzy, a restaurant known for its authentic Polish cuisine.

Rustic Countryside Bike Ride

Go off the beaten path with this adventurous date idea. You and your partner will head to the outskirts of Warsaw to live a day in a village, experiencing the simple, rustic charm of the Polish countryside. During the day, you'll explore the rolling hills, green fields, flowing rivers, and traditional farmsteads as you cycle around the village. The day will conclude with a cozy picnic under the open sky, surrounded by the peaceful sound of nature. It's a perfect date for couples who enjoy the outdoors, seek unique experiences, and are in for an adventure.

Historical walking tour of Warsaw

Embrace the spirit of Warsaw and its rich history by taking your significant other on a self-guided walking tour. Along the way, you'll marvel at the city's historical landmarks, discuss your impressions, and form unforgettable memories

New Parents Picnic in the Łazienki Park

Savor the simple joys of parenthood with a leisurely day out at the Łazienki Park. This date idea is perfect for couples who want to spend quality time with their young one in a relaxing outdoor environment. The park features vast green spaces, perfect for a picnic, and plenty of attractions to explore.

Warsaw Food Fair Date

An exciting date idea for foodie couples with a baby, exploring food fairs in Warsaw. This is a family-friendly activity filled with delicious local and international culinary treats, where couples can share their love of food while taking care of their baby. The date takes place throughout the whole day, with no specific duration requirements.

Intriguing Puzzle Hunt Date

Intrigue and delight your partner with a puzzle hunt date around vibrant Warsaw. Dive deep into the city's rich history while showing your intellectual prowess. The date involves visiting various cultural and historical landmarks, and solving intriguing puzzles together.

Math Romantic Enigma

Discover Warsaw from a unique perspective as you undertake a puzzle-solving journey throughout the city. You'll get to explore historic landmarks while putting your maths and computer science knowledge to the test. You'll grow closer as you work together to solve challenging puzzles and unlock the beauty of Warsaw's most iconic sights.

Philosophical Stroll in Łazienki Park

Let your minds wander as you explore Warsaw's beautiful Łazienki Park. Engage in stimulating conversation about philosophy, literature, art, or any topic that piques both your interests. To make it more romantic, prepare a small picnic with light snacks or bring along a book of poetry to read aloud at the park. This date idea perfectly combines intellectual stimulation and intimate connection.

Sightseeing Sweethearts: A trip through Poland's history

Experience the unspoiled beauty and fascinating history of Poland with a sightseeing date. Immerse yourselves in Poland's rich history with a guided tour of a historical site or monument. Discover facts about Poland you never knew, take in the nations' architectural beauty, and create lasting memories with your partner.

Romantic Candlelit Dinner at Home

This romantic date allows you to show your love and appreciation for your significant other by preparing and serving her a heartwarming, home-cooked meal in the comfort of your own home. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy each other's company in a quiet and intimate setting.

Romantic Warsaw Dinner Date

A romantic dinner date in Warsaw allows you to experience the city's charming ambiance coupled with mouth-watering local Polish cuisine. Enjoy your meal in some of the city's most romantic dining locations and make your evening unforgettable.

Anime & Asian Food Adventure

Experience Warsaw like never before as you journey into the world of anime culture and indulge in the city's finest Asian cuisine. This date is the perfect choice for those who wish to explore and enjoy the city's hidden gems at a leisure pace.

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