Enchanting Evening Walk in Rzeszów

Discover the magic of Rzeszów with a romantic evening walk. The soothing September weather and the radiant city lights set the perfect stage for a memorable night. Enjoy the city's admirable architecture, quaint parks, and peaceful riverbank as you share this unique bonding experience with your loved one.

A Daring Balloon Ride Adventure

Kickstart your adventure into the sky for a romantic hot air balloon ride. Grasp the opportunity to see Rzeszów in a unique way as you soar over the city’s spectacular skyline. Experience the thrill of the takeoff, the awe-inspiring views above, and finally the tranquility of the landing - all set the stage for an incredible adventure date.

Picnic at the Foot of a Castle

Experience a picnic like no other at the foot of a castle with a breathtaking panoramic view of the Rzeszow Castle. Ideally set in September, this date offers a unique blend of adventure and romance as you explore the castle, enjoy a picnic, and take in the gorgeous view.

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