Historic Stroll and Dine at the Port

Embark on a romantically historic journey through Gdańsk. Marvel at its historic architecture, and wrap up your day with an intimate dinner at the shipyard-side restaurant. Experience the charm of this Baltic city while strengthening the bond in your relationship.

Adventure Kayaking Date

This unique date idea incorporates adventure, physical activity, and breathtaking views, providing you an opportunity to bond in an exciting environment. Your kayak journey will take you through some of the historic parts of Gdańsk, allowing you to marvel at the beautiful architecture from a different perspective.

A Thrilling Escape Room and Kayaking Adventure

This outdoor adventure date is both fun and challenging, making it the perfect way to bond with your partner. Start by manoeuvring through the twists and turns of an exciting escape room, then calm the nerves with a serene kayaking tour along the picturesque Gdansk canals. This adventure-filled date will have you both laughing and creating unforgettable memories.

Mystery Day in Gdansk

Spend a delightful day solving clues a mystery day in Gdansk for you and your partner. An adventure-packed budget-friendly date that leads you to the city's hidden secrets, mesmerizing views, rich history, excellent food, and a fun art class.

Historic Exploration of Gdańsk

Immerse yourself and your partner in the rich history of Gdańsk. This date idea is perfect for the intellectually curious couple who enjoys exploring and learning together. Discover the city's landmarks, architectural gems, and fascinating history while bonding over shared experiences and learning.

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