Fun in the Park: A Cheeky Comedy & Kissing Experience

Amuse your dating partner with light-hearted fun and sprinkle it with sweet kisses in the refreshing ambience of your favourite local park. This date experience draws inspiration from your partner's love for computer games, bringing playful competition outdoors. With the perfect balance of laughter and romance, this is a date that your shy partner will surely appreciate and enjoy.

Bookworm Date

A date designed specifically for couples who are fascinated by the wonders of literature. This date involves visiting two different types of libraries - a public library and an offbeat bookstore cum coffee shop. The unique ambiance of both places will provide the perfect setting for engaging discussions and romantic moments. Ideal for a chilled, late afternoon to evening date.

Evening Creative Workshop Date

This date idea is ideal for the creative couple who are seeking something different. A local pottery or painting class can offer a fun and expressive evening. Releasing creativity, this date will also help enhance mutual understanding and communication.

A City Scavenger Hunt

Engage in a lively city scavenger hunt that tests your fitness and brainpower. Follow clues to explore the city and find hidden objects. Perfect for sporty couples or those seeking something different!

Romantic hotel massage evening

Enjoy a delightful and intimate date with your partner in the luxurious comfort of a hotel room, pampering yourselves with a relaxing couple's massage. The ambiance of the room is set with soft lighting, soothing music and scented candles. This is followed by a room-service dinner of your choice, adding a special touch to your romantic evening.

Surprise City Scavenger Hunt Date

This is a unique and exciting date idea where you're going to plan a surprise scavenger hunt within your city. It combines fun, surprise element, and the thrill of the hunt, making your day unforgettable.

Sweetened Afternoons at the Book Café

Experience love unfolded in every page you turn, every sip you take at our Sweetened Afternoons at the Book Café. Share sweet conversations amidst the rustling of book leaves and the frothy aroma of coffee, let your shared interests and hobbies bloom.

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