Bookstore Encounter & Café Date

Take your partner for an unexpected rendezvous in a bookstore followed by a casual stroll to a nearby café. Read to each other, have silent moments surrounded by a world of literary wonders. This simple and unconventional idea can create memorable moments for both of you.

Sunset Rooftop Talkathon

Experience sweet moments of connection as you talk, laugh, and dream under the stars on a rooftop, surrounded by the soft warmth of a summer evening. The idea is perfect for those couples who love conversations and enjoy sharing their thoughts with each other. The simplicity of this date ensures a distraction-free environment where the focus is solely on each other.

Urban Adventure: Kvas and Shaurma Experience

This date idea is ideal for adventurous couples with a taste for authentic flavors. Spend some quality time exploring your city, sampling local food and drink, and immersing yourselves in the vibrant street culture. Nothing says 'adventure' quite like stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things.

Vineyard Vino & Victuals Voyage

Travel to a picturesque vineyard and get ready to indulge in an unforgettable journey of wine and degustation. Not only do you get to taste some of the finest vintages and indulge in a variety of local delicacies, but you also get to do it while reveling in the romantic ambiance of the vineyard.

Exhilarating City Treasure Hunt

Embark on your own private adventure around the city with an exciting treasure hunt. Packed with fun, excitement, and a dash of romance, this adventurous date idea is perfect for couples seeking something different and memorable. Follow the clues, solve the riddles, and find hidden treasures while exploring hidden spots of the city you've never seen before. After you've completed your treasure hunt, celebrate your shared victory with a sumptuous dinner at a local restaurant.

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