Kayaking in the Oslo Fjord and Picnic at Hovedøya

This unforgettable date combines physical activity, adventure, and a tranquil moment on the stunning Hovedøya island. Start your date with a kayaking adventure in the Oslo Fjord and wind up with a delightful picnic on the peaceful Hovedøya. Explore, connect, and unwrap the Oslo Fjord's marvels together.

Spectacular Oslo Fjord Kayaking Adventure

Engage in a thrilling adventure as you paddle your way through the magnificent Oslo Fjord. Make your way to remote islands, breath in the fresh Norwegian air, and share an unforgettable sunset with your partner. Experience the city's beauty from a new perspective.

Fjord Kayaking & Island Picnic

Commence an exhilarating date, paddling through the clear waters of the Oslo fjord. After the kayaking trip, disembark on one of the peaceful islands in the fjord to enjoy a romantic picnic. Revel in the stunning autumn hues of the island and the tranquility of the surroundings, creating lasting memories with your partner.

Norwegian Dinner & Board Game Evening

Enjoy the perfect blend of romance, cultural enrichment, and fun in Oslo, with this creative date idea. Start with a sumptuous Norweigan dinner in a sophisticated restaurant, followed by a playful board game night in a cozy cafe. This date is the perfect combination of bonding over food and enjoying some hearty laughs.

Northern Lights Safari and Romantic Dinner

Are you and your partner adventure enthusiasts who are not afraid to brave the cold? If so, this adventure-themed date in Oslo, Norway, is perfect for you. Our Northern Lights Safari and Romantic Dinner will take you on an unforgettable journey. Experience the breathtaking sight of Northern Lights and wrap up the date with a romantic dinner at an exquisite restaurant and create long-lasting memories with your partner.

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