Art and Wine Evening in Budva

Unleash your creativity and enjoy the romantic vibes with your partner by having an Art and Wine evening in charming Budva. You'll experience a blend of vibrant artistic expression and wine appreciation, creating a unique atmosphere and opportunity to deepen your connection. Get a chance to explore local wine culture whilst expressing yourselves on canvas.

Scenic Hiking and Exploring Historical Sites

This date combines physical activity, breathtaking views and a touch of historical exploration in the beautiful setting of Budva, Montenegro. Perfect for the adventurous couple, the hiking trails offer a range of difficulty levels, while the historical sites bring a sense of rich culture and history to the experience.

Romantic Sunset Cruise in Budva

Set sail on a luxury yacht for a sunset cruise. Let the refreshing sea breeze and the captivating beauty of Budva’s shoreline set the mood for you. An intimate experience designed to provide an unforgettably romantic evening.

Picnic by the sea in Budva

Enjoy your own private, romantic setting with a gorgeous view of the Adriave Sea. This date is a chance to spend quality time and create memorable experiences, while enjoying a lovely spread of local delicacies and drinks. The picnic is perfect for any time of day, allowing you to catch beautiful sunrise, vibrant sunsets, or serene moonlit nights.

Enchanted Evening Walk in Budva

Experience the beauty of Budva anew, with a quiet, idyllic walk where you and your partner will wander through high-pitched cobblestone streets, exploring hidden corners, and basking under the gentle glow of the moonlight.

Romantic Twilight Walk in Budva

This unique date idea is perfect for those who want to experience the quiet side of Budva, away from the hustle and bustle of tourist crowds. You'll walk along the ancient streets, discover century-old buildings and enjoy breathtaking views of the sea at sunset.

The Adventurous Weekend Stroll

Keep your loved one close as you explore the quaint streets of the charming Budva, dotted with medieval structures and rich cultural heritage. This date includes an adventure-filled stroll, diving into the depths of history and culture, and soaking in the breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea. You can end your day snuggling under the setting sun on the sandy beaches, bringing a perfect close to an unforgettable date experience.

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