Moldavian Winery Adventure

Set off for an adventurous day in Chişinău, exploring the famous vineyards and wineries of Moldova, tasting world-class wines and learning about the rich history and art of winemaking. Engage in a thrilling journey through the lush vineyards, breathe in the autumn beauty of Chişinău and end the day with a romantic sunset amidst the vines. This exciting adventure is perfect for couples looking for a moderate budget, outdoor excursion in the month of September.

Wine Tasting Tour in Moldova's Vineyards

Experience the adventurous thrill of a romantic wine tasting tour in the myriad vineyards of Chisinau under the mild September sun. Enhance your palate with a variety of exquisite local wines and enjoy a picknick in the picturesque countryside, all with your special one.

Surprise Wine Tasting and Castle Exploration

It's a warm September day, perfect to surprise your partner with a unique out-of-town adventure. Enjoy a guided wine tasting at an authentic cellar, followed by exploring a nearby historic castle. Cheers to your love with fine Moldovan wine.

Moldovan Vineyard Picnic

Savor the local flavors of Chișinău with a budget friendly vineyard picnic. Set amid Moldova's vast vineyards, bask in the picturesque views while you enjoy a modest spread of appetizing Moldovan delicacies in the crisp September air.

Explore Art and Culture

Immerse yourselves in the creative world of fine arts and afterward, challenge each other at an escape room game. This date is perfect for couples who appreciate art and like to exercise their creativity and intellectual prowess.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Take your partner on an exhilarating hot air balloon ride in Chişinău, Moldova. Experience the thrill of soaring through the sky while enjoying breathtaking views of the city and the surrounding countryside. This romantic adventure is perfect for couples looking for a unique and memorable date.

Wine Tasting and Fine Dining

Spend a delightful evening of romance, wine, and gourmet food in Chişinău. Take your partner on a wine tasting journey to explore the renowned Moldovan wines, followed by a luxurious fine dining experience. This date idea combines the love for delicious food and drinks with a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Sunset Boat Ride on the Dniester River

Take your partner on a romantic sunset boat ride on the Dniester River in Chișinău. This magical experience will allow you to enjoy the breathtaking views and create unforgettable memories together. As the sun sets over the river, you'll be surrounded by a beautiful golden glow, creating a perfect romantic ambiance.

Chisinau Night Drive and Hilltop Picnic

Are you looking for an affordable yet romantic and smart date idea in Chisinau, Moldova? Why not utilize your own car and explore the city bright lights, have a hilltop picnic under the stars and enjoy an intellectual book reading session. This evening date is ideal for smart, beautiful and romantic couples who enjoy good books, food and beautiful views.

Relaxing Day at La Izvor Park

This date idea involves an easygoing day at La Izvor Park in Chisinau, where you and your partner will spend a charming afternoon enjoying the natural beauty around you. This date is perfect for couples who enjoy simple, yet meaningful activities in the Great Outdoors.

Afternoon at the National Museum of History of Moldova

This date idea is great for couples who appreciate history and art. Explore the ancient artifacts and enjoy the unique exhibits. Discuss and exchange thoughts on different pieces to learn more about each other's perspectives. Post-museum, take a peaceful walk in the park, enjoying the beautiful September weather before watching the sunset together.

Surprise Art and Culture Hunt

This surprise date idea in Chișinău, Moldova focuses on exploring the city's rich art and culture scene. From discovering unique galleries to participating in a surprise art project, this idea combines surprise, romance, and cultural appreciation in one. Ideal for the month of September when the city is vibrant and full of life.

Evening Wine Tour and Tasting

Spend your evening exploring one of Chisinau's exquisite vineyards. Start with a guided tour of the winery, ask your sommelier any questions you may have and learn about the wine-making process. Following the tour, you'll be led to a cozy tasting room where you'll indulge in a range of delightful wines. It's a special way to connect and bond through a shared love for wine and relaxation.

Adventure Hiking in Moldova's Vineyards

Experience the beauty and tranquility of the Moldovan countryside as you and your partner embark on an exciting hiking adventure through the celebrated vineyards of Chisinau. Make your time memorable by participating in the grape harvesting season in September.

Moonlit Stroll along the Chisinau River

Enjoy a truly romantic evening with your partner as you take a moonlit stroll along the picturesque Chisinau River in Moldova. This enchanting date idea is perfect for couples who want to spend quality time together in a serene and beautiful setting. The moonlight adds a touch of magic to your experience, creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere that will make your evening extra special.

Stellar Skydeck Dinner at Panorama Restaurant, Chisinau

This date idea invokes romance under the stars. Featuring an intimate dinner for two at Panorama Restaurant's Skydeck in Chisinau, complemented by the panoramic view of the city skyline, this evening is sure to be full of sparks. After dinner, continue the date with a tranquil walk in the park, under the twinkling starlight.

Romantic Cultural Picnic in Chisinau

Immerse yourself in the Moldavian culture in a unique and romantic way with a picnic in one of Chisinau's beautiful parks. This experience combines the simple joy of sharing a meal outdoors with the opportunity to learn about the country's rich cultural heritage.

Romantic Moonlit Picnic

Immerse yourself in a beautiful evening with a romantic moonlit picnic. Especially designed for couples, it's an excellent way to enjoy each other's company, while also appreciating the serene beauty of Chisinau's surroundings.

Exploring Chisinau's Parks

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life and spend a leisurely day exploring the beautiful parks in Chisinau. Moldova's capital city is known for its green spaces and charming landscapes, offering the perfect setting for a chill date with your partner. Whether you prefer a cozy picnic or a stroll hand in hand, this date idea promises relaxation and connection.

Romantic Live Music Date in Chisinau

Dwell into the local cultural richness by attending a live music show in one of Chisinau's entrancing venue. Get lost in the rhythm and revive your bond under the magical lights, making this free indoor date a truly unforgettable story.

Mysteriously Romantic Chisinau Tour

The Mysteriously Romantic Chisinau Tour is a unique date for any couple. Visit exciting and beautiful corners of Chisinau, unveiling the romantic and mysterious side of this Moldovan metropolis. Absolutely free, this date idea is perfect for couples who enjoy exploration and bonding over unforgettable experiences.

Romantic Live Chisinau

Immerse yourselves in a night of romance and live music in the vibrant city of Chisinau. With the charming atmosphere, delicious cuisine, and soulful melodies, this date idea is perfect for couples looking to create unforgettable memories.

Romantic Stroll through Chişinău

Indulge in a romantic pastime with your partner as you take a leisurely stroll through the charming streets and parks of Chişinău. Explore the hidden corners of this beautiful city while enjoying each other's company and creating unforgettable memories. With its picturesque landscapes and cozy atmosphere, Chişinău offers the perfect setting for a romantic adventure.

Moonlit rooftop dinner

Indulge in a luxurious moonlit rooftop dinner with your partner, surrounded by the mesmerizing city lights of Moldova Chișinău. This intimate and secure setting is perfect for a romantic evening together, away from the hustle and bustle of crowded places. Treat yourselves to a memorable dining experience while enjoying breathtaking views and delicious cuisine.

Moonlit Stroll and Wine Tasting

Take your partner on a romantic moonlit stroll and wine tasting experience in the charming city of Chișinău, Moldova. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and discover the magic of the night with your loved one. This date idea is perfect for couples who want a secure and intimate setting with minimal crowds.

Exploring the Wine Cellars of Milestii Mici

Experience an unforgettable adventure wandering through the endless wine cellars of Milestii Mici and learning about the rich history of winemaking in Moldova. Treat yourselves to a delicious traditional Moldovan meal paired with the finest local wine selection.

Chisinau Winery Date

Enjoy the romantic vibes of Chisinau, as you embark on a winery date that promises a blend of wine-tasting, breathtaking views, and memorable moments. Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, is home to some of the world's most exquisite wines, making it an ideal setup for a romantic date. This date idea allows you to celebrate your love in the heart of vineyards, sharing laughter, stories, and the finest wines.

Whimsical Movie Afternoon

Dive into a short, low-budget romantic date that encompasses a unique twist to movie watching. This indoor afternoon date is meticulously designed to offer an element of surprise before, during, and after the film in an artistic and non-traditional setting.

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