Historical Scavenger Hunt in Riga

Immerse yourselves in a thrilling adventure right in the heart of Riga! This date includes a self-guided historical scavenger hunt that allows you to uncover Riga's past, present, and hidden gems.

Surprise Candlelight Dinner at Skyline Bar

This surprise date is set at the famous Skyline Bar in Riga, Latvia. This candlelight dinner is perfect for couples who love surprises, stunning city views and delectable cuisine. Create memorable moments with your partner with this unique and exciting date idea.

Jigsaw Puzzle Race

Challenge your partner to a friendly jigsaw puzzle race! It's a great way to spend quality time together, improve communication and bring out the competitive spirit in both of you.

Romantic Picnic at Vērmanes Garden

Immerse yourselves in the idyllic surroundings of Vērmanes Garden, right in the heart of Riga. While enjoying a humble and sweet picnic together, savor the romantic aura of the lush, green surroundings.

Scenic Art Exploration Journey

An exceptional journey through Riga's most distinguished and intriguing art spaces, culminating in a soothing spa treatment. It's a perfect blend of radiant cultural reflections and dreamy pampering that both you and your partner would adore.

Latvian Cuisine Cooking Class

Take your taste buds on a culinary journey through Latvia with a fun and interactive cooking class. Discover the rich flavors and unique ingredients of traditional Latvian cuisine as you and your partner learn to prepare delicious dishes together. Immerse yourselves in the local culture and create lasting memories as you delve into the art of Latvian cooking.

Romantic Cooking Class

Are you and your partner food enthusiasts? Spice up your relationship by attending a romantic cooking class in Riga, Latvia. This unique date idea allows you to learn new recipes, bond over food, and create lasting memories together. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned home cook, this experience is perfect for couples looking to have fun and explore their culinary skills. Get ready to ignite your senses and indulge in a delicious adventure!

Latvian Cooking Class

Indulge in the flavors of Latvia with a fun and interactive cooking class. Learn how to make traditional Latvian dishes from a local chef and discover the secrets of Baltic cuisine. This immersive culinary experience is perfect for foodies looking to expand their culinary skills while enjoying a romantic date in Riga.

Artistic Evening in Riga

Enliven your senses and indulge in your artistic side with a pottery class date in Riga's finest pottery studio! Discover the joy of creating something together that you can cherish forever.

Stargazing at the Forests of Latvia

Spend the evening with your significant other under the clear September skies of Latvia. As the sun goes down, you'll find yourself watching the stars in the serene calm of the Latvian forests, creating a romantic ambiance that's perfect for a memorable date.

Roller Skating Date at Mežaparks

A fun and sporty roller skating date at Mežaparks in Riga. Feel the wind in your hair and share a laugh as you both perhaps stumble here and there. A chilled beer and street food by the lake will finish the day pleasantly.

Historical Tram Sightseeing Romance

This budget-friendly date will sweep you and your partner off your feet with its perfect blend of history, gastronomy, and natural beauty. Board the historical tram for an enchanting tour of Riga's old town and art nouveau districts. Browse through Riga Central Market for local produce to prepare a picnic lunch. Finish the day with an idyllic picnic in Dzeguzkalns park, overlooking the cityscape.

Scenic Evening Walk and DIY Candlelit Dinner

Experience the charm of Riga coupled with a cozy, romantic evening at your own home. This date idea combines a beautiful sunset stroll across the city's historic streets followed by a home-prepared candlelit dinner to enjoy some quality time together.

Riga Riverside Surprise Picnic

This date idea combines the thrill of a surprise with the simplicity of a picnic by the riverside. Riga, with its scenic riversides, provides a splendid backdrop. As you enjoy your favorite McDonald's meal and listen to your shared favorite music, your partner will appreciate the effort you've put into planning a date that perfectly captures their quirks and interests.

The Fine Arts and Ice Hockey Date

This date plan combines both of your interests in an exciting and engaging way. Start the day with a luxurious brunch at a local restaurant with good reviews. Following that, head to the national opera theatre for an awe-inspiring matinee performance. To round off your special date, cheer on your favourite ice hockey team at a live game in the evening.

Latvian Historic Exploration

Immerse yourself and your partner in a unique date experience by delving into the rich history and diversity of Latvia. This idea is perfect for history buffs and adventure seekers alike, and provides a meaningful connection point.

Latvian Adventure Extravaganza

This is an adventurous date idea for the active couple who loves exploring and experiencing different cultures together. No matter whether you're viewing historic sites, hiking scenic trails, or tasting local delicacies, you'll do it all on this unforgettable journey through Latvia.

Riga Romantic City Exploration

This romantic date idea is perfect for exploring the beautiful city of Rīga, Latvia. The highlight of the date includes a leisurely stroll through the city, a romantic boat tour along the Daugava River, enjoying the city's scenery, and concluding with a delightful picnic in a city park.

Luxurious Candlelit Dinner At Skyline Restaurant in Riga

Surprise your partner with an unforgettable dining experience at Skyline bar, one of the most luxurious restaurants located on the 26th floor of the Radisson Blu Latvija Conference & Spa Hotel in Riga. Enjoy a gourmet meal under the starry sky, accompanied by the breathtaking views of the city. Add an extra layer of excitement by keeping it a surprise till you reach the venue.

Cultural Walk and Local Food Tasting Date in Riga

Experience the cultural richness of Riga through the beauty of its streets and the flavours of local cuisine. Enjoy this unique guided walk through the old town combined with a local food tasting experience for the perfect low-budget romantic date.

Romantic Star-Gazing Boat Ride

Take your loved one on a magical and romantic boat ride under the starlit sky in Riga. This private boat ride takes you along the Daugava River, providing you with a panoramic view of the city. Prepare to be mesmerized by the sight of the shimmering stars and the tranquil ambiance as you sail.

Surprise Gastro-Tour Date in Riga

Take your partner on a surprise date with a twist! Explore the food scene of Riga, dive deep into the local culture and bond over delicious bites. With our gastro-tour, you and your loved one will be taken on a culinary adventure about taste and love.

Riga Evening Adventure Date

Take an unconventional approach to your first date with an adventure-driven evening in beautiful Riga. Discover the historic city in a new and exciting way, while creating lasting memories.

Cultural Old City Walk

Discover Riga's enchanting Old City at your own pace, taking in the history, stunning architecture, and the vibrant present of this unique place. Begin your walking journey at sunset for the most romantic atmosphere. A perfect date for those who appreciate history, architecture, and quality time by exploring fascinating places with their partner.

Evening Jazz by the River Daugava

Slip into an enchanting evening filled with music and romance as you attend a jazz concert by the River Daugava. Let the gentle tunes of jazz music stir your heart and connect you with your partner on a deeper level, all set against the backdrop of the stunning Riga skyline.

Surprise Date in Riga, Latvia

Embark on a surprise journey to experience an unusual combination of delicious food tasting and exhilarating outdoor activity. Starting with filling your appetite with mouth-watering burgers and then heading on to drifting in the beautiful city of Riga, it's a date full of surprises and fun!

Evening Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Riga

This romantic date will see couples take to the sky in a hot air balloon, to experience the stunning skyline of Riga at sunset. A truly unique and unforgettable experience for those seeking to make something unbelievable!

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