Aktau Seaside Picnic

Spend an intimate date by the sea, enjoying the mild weather of Aktau in September. This picnic date doesn't require an extravagant budget; just the company of each other, a lovely spread, and the serene sea view make for an extraordinary day.

Active Stroll in Aktau

This date idea is perfect for couples who love being active and exploring new places. The date will involve enjoying a short, active stroll through the maze-like streets of Aktau, and you'll get the chance to explore the beauty of the city in each other's company

Sunset Picnic at Caspian Sea

Make the most of your date in Aktau, Kazakhstan by having a picturesque sunset picnic by the Caspian Sea. This unique date idea combines the simplicity of a picnic with the enchanting view of the sun setting over the sea. You can watch the stunning colors as the sun sets, smell the fresh sea air, and feel the cool breeze while enjoying delicious food and good conversation.

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