Desert Adventure Date in the Negev

Embark on an adrenaline-fueled date packed with off-road jeep tours, desert hikes, and a camel ride in the vast Negev Desert. End the day watching a spectacular sunset and enjoying Bedouin hospitality in a traditional tent.

Korean Cuisine and Whiskey Night in Tel Aviv

Surprise your partner with an immersive foodie exploration of Korean cuisine and whiskey in the heart of Tel Aviv. A perfect blend of culinary adventure and relaxed atmosphere, this date is ideal for those who love dining, delicacy exploration, and the soothing vibes of Tel Aviv's night scenes.

Starry Night Proposal at Jaffa Port

A breathtakingly beautiful evening at the scenic port of Jaffa is the ideal spot to pop the all-important question. Feel the cool breeze from the Mediterranean sea and the flickering city lights of Tel Aviv creating a romantic atmosphere, setting a perfect stage for your proposal.

Cultural and Historical Evening Date in Tel Aviv

Absorb the vibrant atmosphere and historical vibes of Tel Aviv in a cultural evening that will sweep you off your feet. This date will not only offer you the opportunity to appreciate art but also to learn about Tel Aviv's rich cultural heritage while savoring delicious local cuisine.

Adventure Film Night in Tel Aviv

This date idea is perfect for adventurous couples who love the thrill that comes with watching intense army-themed movies. Whether in a home setting or at the city's local outdoor cinemas, the experience promises an engaging and thrilling adventure. Share your thoughts and reactions about the movie during and after watching to boost the bonding experience.

Surprise Picnic Date in Tel Aviv

Enjoy a perfect day under the Israeli sun, in a delightful picnic set-up with your partner. Explore the parks or walk alongside the beautiful coastline, experiencing the vibrant culture and romance of Tel Aviv. A surprise picnic date is the perfect peaceful breakout from busy city life.

Laughter-Filled Escape Room Adventure

This is a unique date idea where couples unravel mysteries by working together in an exciting yet challenging escape room. It's a perfect way to keep the spark alive through laughter and teamwork in the heart of Tel Aviv. A guaranteed good time full of laughter, mystique, fun and romance.

Surprise Romantic Dinner Cruise

Surprise your better half with a private dinner cruise in the Mediterranean Sea. Enjoy the beautiful views of the Tel Aviv coastline, under the glittering evening stars. Experience the warmth of live music floating on sea-winds, as you share intimate conversations over an exquisite dining experience.

Coffee and Culture in Tel Aviv

Grab a cup of your favourite brew and immerse yourself in the rich culture of Tel Aviv. This date involves a tour of some of Tel Aviv's most notable museums and a cozy break at one of its local coffee shops, allowing you to taste the local flavors and explore the city's history.

Moonlit Stroll on Tel-Aviv's Beachfront

Experience the best of Tel-Aviv by taking a romantic walk along the shoreline in the charming moonlight. The serene environment, soothing sound of waves and cool sea breeze offer a perfect setting for an inspiring heart-to-heart conversation to bring you closer to your partner.

Romantic Sunset Picnic at the Beach

Experience the beauty of the Israeli coastline with a sunset picnic on one of Tel Aviv's beautiful beaches. Pack a picnic basket with your favorite snacks and beverages, grab a cozy blanket, and find a quiet spot on the sand. Watch the sun set over the Mediterranean as you toast to your love in the heart of Israel's most vibrant city.

Stargazing on the Tel-Aviv Beach

Take a stroll down to one of Tel-Aviv's many beautiful beaches as the evening sets in. Lay down a blanket, pop open some inexpensive wine, and lay back as you gaze upon the beauty of the night sky together. Perfect way to enjoy a budget-friendly yet incredibly romantic date!

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