Romantic Sail on the Mediterranean

This date idea is perfect for a romantically memorable experience! It takes you and your partner off the coast of Tel Aviv, aboard a private yacht. Bask under the warm sun, feel the cool sea breeze, sip on the finest local wines, and taste gourmet delicacies prepared specially for you.

Scavenger Hunt in Tel Aviv

Experience a thrill-filled date as you and your partner engage in a playful and stimulating scavenger hunt around the picturesque city of Tel Aviv. This city-wide adventure is curated to take you to some of Tel Aviv's most intriguing locations while providing an exciting challenge

Quantum Physics Immersive Adventure and Jazz Dance Evening

Dive into an adventure of the mind and spirit, designed for invigorating your intellect and satisfying your partner's passion for quantum physics and jazz dancing. Engage in thought-provoking games and activities based on quantum theories and principles during the daytime. As night falls, lose yourselves in the rhythm and blues of jazz music, dancing the night away together.

Chill evening: coffee by the sea in Tel Aviv-Yafo

There's nothing quite like the calm of the sea and a good cup of coffee to create a serene and intimate atmosphere for a romantic date. Spend an easy, casual evening by the beautiful sea views of Tel Aviv-Yafo, sipping on coffee and having delightful conversations under the starry sky.

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