Exclusive Indoor Film Festival

This DIY Indoor Film Festival is the perfect chill date night for film buffs or couples just looking to unwind. Spend the evening watching a selection of your favourites or discovering new films within the comfort of your own space.

Crafty Brews and Tunes in Haifa

Indulge in your shared love for food, cocktails, music, and crafting with a unique date night in Haifa. Enjoy craft beer tasting and indulge in your artistic side with a craft workshop. End the evening with some iconic indie cinema and board games for a memorable evening.

Morning Romantic Picnic by the Mediterranean Sea

Experience a romantic picnic by the Mediterranean Sea during the early morning hours. Delight in the refreshing breeze as you watch the sunrise, and enjoy a picnic breakfast with your loved one. Make the most of Israel's warm September, while taking in the beautiful views of Haifa’s coastline.

Sundown Pottery Workshop in Haifa

Spend a romantic summer evening discovering the art of pottery. Relax with your partner as you get your hands dirty and create a physical manifestation of your love. Later, take a tranquil stroll along the gorgeous Haifa beach, capping off an unforgettable date night.

Secret Paths of Haifa Hiking Adventure

Turn your date into a stirring adventure by spending the day hiking Haifa's concealed paths. Uncover Haifa's distinct beauty offering you your chance to cherish each other's company while exploring its picturesque views and hidden spots.

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