German Vineyard Picnic

Take a romantic picnic underneath the golden sun at a local vineyard in Stuttgart. Spend your afternoon exploring the vast fields, enjoying wine tasting, and indulging in a picnic filled with gourmet food. Here's a chance to deepen your bond over good wine and food while surrounded by the serene vineyard landscapes in the heart of Stuttgart.

Stuttgart Treasure Hunt

Unleash your adventurous spirits and navigate the city of Stuttgart in a thrilling treasure hunt! This unique date idea allows both of you to test your problem-solving skills, your knowledge of the city, and your teamwork. It's an adventure that'll surely get your hearts racing without breaking your budget.

Private Luxury Wine Tasting in Stuttgart

Enjoy a personal and luxurious wine tasting experience in a top-rated Stuttgart winery, savoring a range of high-quality German wines amid cozy, romantic settings. This unique experience is perfect for couples looking to create unforgettable memories on a special occasion. Benefit from the knowledge of an experienced sommelier, indulge in gourmet food pairings, and immerse yourselves in the romantic ambiance.

Coffee and Kunst Evening

For couples seeking to appreciate art, culture, and delicious drinks, this date idea provides a tranquil experience filled with aesthetic beauty and chill vibes. Explore local art galleries with your loved one and enjoy a slow-paced coffee in a quaint café. This date idea creates a serene ambiance to speak, listen, and get to know each other more deeply.

Intellectual Stroll and Funny Conversations at The Stuttgart Library

Discover the charm of intellectual bonding as you and your partner delve into worlds offered by an array of books. This low-budget date idea involves visiting the Stuttgart Library, a place known for its architectural beauty and extensive collection, anytime in September. Engage in delightful conversations sparked by the intriguing stories you'll encounter.

Food Market Hop and Homemade Meal

Explore beloved local food markets in Stuttgart, experience the unique German flavors, and end the day by preparing a homemade meal together from the ingredients you've gathered. This date merges food exploration with a cosy dinner made with love.

Stargazing at Stuttgart Observatory

Spend a serene and romantic evening, diving into the mysteries of the universe in the cozy confines of the Stuttgart Observatory. Watch the magnificent celestial bodies sparkle as you unwind wrapped in the cosmic charm of the picturesque observatory.

Stuttgart Evening Wine Tasting

Sample Stuttgart’s finest wines on a curated evening wine tasting tour. You will explore local wineries, meet winemakers, learn about winemaking process and discover new flavours. The day concludes with a romantic dinner at a cozy restaurant.

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