Picnic in Kaisergarten

Plan a picnic at Kaisergarten, one of the most beautiful parks in Oberhausen. With its lush surroundings and tranquil atmosphere, it serves as the perfect backdrop for a romantic date. As the sun sets, admire the breathtaking view while sharing meaningful conversations.

Cooling Riverbank Picnic

Escape the heat and enjoy a refreshing picnic by a river in Oberhausen. Bring a basket filled with your favourite foods and enjoy them with a cool beverage while taking in the serene beauty of the riverside.

Surprise Nature Date in Oberhausen

Discover the pure beauty of nature as you stroll through the lush forests or relax by the serene lakes of Oberhausen. Let nature be your peaceful sanctuary as you enjoy each other's company. In August the weather is perfect for exploration and you might even find some late-summer wildflowers to make the day extra memorable.

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